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It was Tiger Woods’ surprise trip to Palma de Mallorca

The golfer secretly enjoyed a few days off with his family on the island.

During his days in Tiger Woods, Mallorca.World

private plane Tiger Woods Suddenly landed in Palma de Mallorca on the afternoon of July 21 to enjoy four days of intense rest with the family. Woods traveled with his two sons Sam and Charlie, as well as his current partner, Erica Herman, all escorted by the security team of the winner of the 15 ‘Majors’. A celebrity and VIP management company was in charge of managing all the details of the Woods family’s stay with one assignment: The most important thing was privacy.

not even his friend Rafael Nadal Knows about Tiger’s escape. the tennis player was at the concert Sebastian Travels; their The commitments received prevented him from meeting Tiger, who carried out all his activities with utmost secrecy. This newspaper is able to confirm that in the 90 hours that Woods spent in Mallorca, everything was rectified immediately. However the golfer and his family spent little time in Spain: they were able to play 18 holes, visited Rafael Nadal’s academy, enjoyed Cuevas del Drache, relaxed at a famous beach club, where they enjoyed typical Spanish cuisine. took. He also had time to shop on the island.

18 holes in son quint

The people responsible for Arabella Golf, a resort with three separate golf courses, also did not get prior notice of this spectacular trip. The agency contacted him only to be told that ‘one of these days a very important customer’ would come. Actually, earlier Golf Day was supposed to be Friday, however at the last minute they changed it to Saturday. The agency tried to get Tiger to play Son Montaner, but there was a social tournament on Saturday and the field was full, so he opted to play Son Quint. Minutes before his arrival at Mallorcan Golf Course, when the course staff and its directors learned that Tiger was a splendid guest.

Woods appeared with his son Charlie in the middle of the morning, taking a look at the club shop after they climbed into a buggy and played 18 holes of the course in just three hours alone. Woods was kind and friendly with the members and activists he met and kind words with the manager of the club that received the California Star. Woods was always escorted by his intimidating bodyguards, who tried to stop people from harassing the golfer with photos or autographs. Although few who managed to escape the watchful eye of iron have always been as kind as Woods.

Moments at Rafa Museum

On Sunday, Woods also decided to take a surprise visit to the Rafa Nadal Academy and Museum. there spanish golfer Javier Colomo He had the great surprise of his life when he discovered his legendary statue Tiger Woods among museum visitors. Colomo, who played in the Asian circuit a few seasons ago, visited the museum on Sunday with a group of kids from a golf camp organized by Forex. It was then that almost a real incident happened. At the entrance of the museum and almost as a welcome, a motivational video is presented where there are pictures and evidence of great sporting icons, and one of them is the Tiger. In the picture of Javi Colomo himself that is going viral and uploaded on his network, Tiger himself is seen watching the above video in which he himself is seen. That moment is immortalized and it is not queued to enter the Tiger Woods museum as commented by several media outlets. At exactly the same time in the anticipated video, one of the children turns around and learns that the tiger itself is visiting the museum. Immediately there is a stir and when Woods realizes the situation he decides to overtake the group and watch the museum move away from the people.

“The taste is bitter, because it was impressive for your idol, but I was blocked, I was not able to approach him to say hello or ask for a picture with the kids,” said Colomo, who also admits that the bodyguard was also very attentive that no one would approach and photograph Woods, in fact the only snapshot of Tiger in the museum was taken by him and he was threatened by the bodyguard. “The truth is that we all respect him, no one has approached him or harassed him, Rafa’s museum goes into the background,” said the Spanish golfer who became the champion of Spain and played tournaments on the European, American and Asian Tours. .

Woods left the island the next day, returning to the United States after a few intense days of busy Spanish vacations.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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