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Isco’s devaluation, a challenge for Jorge Mendes: he wants a higher salary and wants to participate in the European competition. LaLiga Santander 2021

According to Transfermark, Malguo is valued at 7.5 million when it was valued at 90 million four years ago. There are contacts with Roma, but this is not the only option handled by his agent.

Isco on the bench during a gameM / s

on office computer George Mendes Two windows open with attractive alerts. There are pending issues to be resolved in this Ricky Transfer Market. file The most curious thing about Guestfit Agency is that Cristiano Ronaldo, who is looking for a destination after the conclusion of the stage at Manchester United (although he may have stayed at the coach’s insistence and due to a lack of destinations). But the one that can be more complicated to solve is isco alarcon, The midfielder lacks a squad after the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid. Until now, Malgueo’s manager was his own father, but after embarking on an adventure away from Barnabu he put himself in the hands of influential Portuguese negotiators. marco asensio He has also gone to the Portuguese to build his future with the White Club.

Isco is a shipwreck without direction. He intends to remain on the top stage, but the few offers he receives don’t convince him. He believes that he is still attractive to the main clubs in Europe. His intention is to sign for a squad that plays in the Champions League (or at least the Europa League) and thus be on the front line and qualify for a spot in the Qatar World Cup (he was a fixture in 2018). started as) luis enrique), although that option seems really far away today. But, sometimes, desires fight with reality. Against Malaguo, who is 30, the poor results obtained in previous courses and his high economic pretense are visible. Its devaluation coincides with higher market prices this summer.

At Real Madrid, Isco received just over eight million per campaign and now, multiple sources indicate that he will be signing for around six million. He would like to stay in the league but is open to making his overseas debut. From his surroundings, he leaked interest from last season West Ham, Milan, Juventus either dortmundBut now, after his pivotal role in the final course, everything is different.

Isco was expected to sign for Betis, but the choice seems complicated. The Andalusian club needs to release the pay scale and the midfielder will arrive with a record high. his chief advocate was Manuel Pellegrini, who had already subdued him when he began to stand out in Málaga. He also knocked on the doors of Sevilla, but without success. was approved Julen Lopeteguiwhich, together with Zinedine Zidane, the coach who knew how to make the most of him both in Madrid and the national team. Another option tested by people close to Isco is Roma, which will play the Europa League, and which has morinho On the bench. Mendes is also represented by Settable Coach, he knows Spanish well, and in short, that’s all that can help.

Isco treasure class, but its future is full of uncertainties due to bad weather Carlo Ancelotti (Actually, because of the last bad season, especially since 2019 in which they faced solari) It needs to innovate in itself. His credibility has shed qualitative weight. According to transfermark, the portal specialized in player transfers, the Spaniard’s current value is only 7.5 million euros. IISCO reached its peak in the stock market in October 2018, when it was valued at 90 million. I was 26 then and ordered offensive maneuvers Real Madrid and the national team of Luis Enrique. In that season he signed 37 games and scored six goals with the white team, which was less than his debut, 2013–14, best: 52 games and 11 goals.

Some figures unknown at Burnaboo in recent years. In the season that just ended, he played only 17 games (14 in the league and three in the Copa del Rey) and scored two goals. Testimonials Participation in the extensive campaign of the League and Champions League champion clubs. Isco was the only member of the squad who I didn’t play a minute in the Champions League, a crime for him Golden Boy 2012, an award that hailed him as the best U21 player in Europe. magazine tuttosport Gave him 137 marks, further sharviya (125) and from Thibaut Courtois (116).

Isco is currently ranked 112th in the ranking of Most Valuable Players in Spain. the first is padrea, with 80 million. According to Transfermark, Isco is ranked 1,181st in the ranking of world footballers. He is ranked 19th in the list of players without a team.

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