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Interview with Paula Badosa: “Men aren’t asked why they do photo shoots”

Interview with Paula Badosa: "Men aren't asked why they do photo shoots"

The Spanish tennis player made her debut at the Mutua Madrid Open today, reaching world number two in the semifinals in Stuttgart last week. Play against Kudermetova in debut.

Paula Badosa during an act at the Mutua Madrid Open.Angel MartinezWorld
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World No. 1 Paula Badosa (New York, 1997) will be the tennis player with the highest qualification in the third WTA 1000 of the season, following a loss due to injury to Inga Swietec. Champion in Sydney at the start of the course, she attends El Mundo and another Spanish outlet in Caja Magica on the eve of its premiere in the capital (around 2:45 p.m.).

How do you get to Madrid in such intense and demanding weather?
I come well, but to be honest, I need a few more days to adapt because the conditions are always different in Madrid. I had to do it fast. I want to start.
Draws are very difficult from the start because of the changes in the rankings. Does every tournament have to be heavy fighting over and over from the start?
The truth is that yes. I understand Barty’s decision as much as possible. [la tenista australiana, que decidi retirarse a los 25 aos siendo nmero 1 del mundo], because the circuit is very, very tough, every week it demands you, every week you start from scratch, almost every week there is a masters 1000 or an important tournament where you have to try to get to the final round. The position you are in, people demand that you be there. So, that’s a lot of stress. There are several weeks of competition. It is a season that starts in January and ends in November. Maybe it’s too much, but it’s been like that for a long time. I have to adapt to it and regulate myself with my team so that they help me control it.
How do you mentally prepare for it?
I go day by day and try to enjoy the rest of the days, counting them well. I have a good team which also helps me enjoy training. In competition it’s all about giving what you have at the time.
and physically?
It’s also very difficult. My physical trainer and my physical therapist help me recover as much as possible, as I also have a large body that is difficult to heal.
He was talking about Ashleigh Barty and how he understood her decision to leave her too young. Are we going to see you on the circuit longer?
It is one thing to understand it and another for me to do so. I love tennis. Since I was young, I myself enjoyed the game. If we add to this the fact that I really love to compete, luckily you’re going to see me on the circuit for many more years.
A year ago I played against him in the semi-finals. You looked good, you just won your first title, but the status you don’t have now has nothing to do with it. How do you deal with the pressure of being one of the favorites to win each tournament?
This has been a change that has come very fast. I am adapting to the process. I play like almost all competitions. My opponents play with less pressure. All the games are very tough, but I am adapting to this new situation. This is a challenge for me. And I’ve always loved challenges.
He has good relations with the Belarusian and his stunt partner Aryna Sabalenka. What do you think about Wimbledon’s decision to bar Russian and Belarusian tennis players from playing because of the war?
It doesn’t make any sense to me. A war is something very, very strong, which should not exist, but the other thing is that they mix politics with sports and also in tennis, which is individual and yes, each of us has our own flag. But Arya Sabalenka represents her name and I I represent mine. I do not find it appropriate to mix things that have nothing to do with it and for which he is not guilty.
Does your good relationship with most players help you cope with the demands better?
In the end there is a lot of competition. For example, I have a good friendship with Sabalenka, but three days ago we played [Sabalenka la derrot en semifinales de Stuttgart] And we fisted. We know how to differentiate between the competition and what’s outside of it.
He is an ambassador for Krastase and can be seen frequently in non-tennis publications. How is that other part of your career? Doesn’t this distract you from the competition?
I don’t know how long ago I signed for these brands, I think it was in November. I am second in the race. do you think i’m wrong?
No, I would not say.
No, no, if it’s an answer with a question because it’s said a lot, but I want to make it clear because there’s a lot to be said on the feminine side, if you work with a brand, you Let’s do photo shoots, because not only have I listened to you; Men are not asked, it has been like this throughout their lives. But hey, we also have great tennis players like Carlos Alcaraz, who makes Rolex and Isdin, and I don’t think that question has been asked. I want to make that clear and it’s clear that it doesn’t distract me because I’m two of the races.
Now they have Jorge Garcia as their coach. Change frequently. He has had several in recent years. What do you look for in each of them?
Changes have come from a decision that ultimately fell on its own. I’ve never been there to replace the team. I usually don’t do this when I have a good environment. In the end, you’ll have to try a number of things to square off the pieces and create a nice atmosphere. Luckily I’ve got it now and if all goes well you won’t see me change teams.

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