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Interview with Leandro Cabrera: “If Madrid are going to be champions, don’t let them win the league against Espanyol” LaLiga Santander 2021

Interview with Leandro Cabrera: "If Madrid are going to be champions, don't let them win the league against Espanyol"  LaLiga Santander 2021

Uruguay’s central defender, one of the captains of the Blue and White team, confirms his career before the trip to Barnabu: “It is hard for a defender to get a foothold in Europe”.

Leandro Cabrera, Central part of Espanyol.Arab Press
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Leandro Cabrera (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991) The career has not been easy. He arrived in Europe 13 years ago, signed by Atlético de Madrid, but went through several clubs until he started gaining a foothold at Getafe and Espanyol decided to follow him. He arrived at a difficult moment, he wanted to continue despite the blow of relegation and now, he is one of the captains and mainstay of the team. The icing on the cake, in his case, is that Chara will eventually be able to debut with the team. And, who knows, I’ll be in Qatar later this year.

A draw is enough for Real Madrid to become the champion. Could the eagerness to close the title play in Barnabu’s favor to surprise?
They have so much experience that it doesn’t matter to them. For our part, obviously, we want to win. It is very comforting to beat a team of the same stature as Real Madrid. If they’re going to be champions, don’t let them turn against us.
In the first round, in fact, they already managed to defeat them in their stadium. What was the key to that game?
You have to touch perfection. We made a match. We could have gone 3-0 but we also saw that they are a team that they have very little, they get involved and it is very difficult to stop them. It won’t be easy, but we will try to repeat the victory.
He arrived in Europe in 2009, signed by Atlético. But, since then, he has gone through several teams. When you arrived did you feel like your road was going to be that hard?
No it’s not true. Personally, I thought I was about to get there, that I was going to more or less make a career at Atlético, without giving up so many stumbling blocks. But, in the end, that’s what happens. I could go back to Uruguay, but I decided to keep fighting here and, in the end, I feel like I am getting my reward. I am very happy with the way things went. Could they have been earlier? Yes, but they also could never be.
Is it harder for a striker than a defender to gain a foothold in Europe?
I think so, it is hard for a defender to get a foothold in Europe. Foremost, you don’t need to stand out or play a good game to score goals. Defenders, in general, require consistency.
He arrived at a difficult moment and, despite the fall, he decided to continue. Which has become a special attachment to the fans?
The fact that I have reached the position I have reached makes that stage all the more valuable. The goal wasn’t to go down, it couldn’t happen, but we focused on coming back immediately. True, there was an opportunity to leave, but I told the club in advance that, unless they thought it would be worth it, I was never going to be forced to quit. In the end, we all dropped out, and I think it all worked out really well.
Cabrera, in Sports City Espanyol.Gorka LoinazziArab Press

Do you see yourself scoring a little bit at Espanyol?
Buttonhole. It’s what everyone wants, but this sport is so rare, so variable… Football, at times, a coin is tossed.
Was he one of those kids who always had a ball in his hand?
s. With my brothers I went everywhere to play ball. The only memory I have as a kid is the desire to be a footballer, and I was lucky or persistent or whatever it was it could be accomplished.
What role did your family play? Did you have to pay the price for persuading them?
We are a very football family, my grandfather, my father, my brother too. And no, on the other hand. At some point in the demotivation, the gist of the conversation at home was ‘To become a footballer, you have to do this, this and this, and if you are not ready or don’t want to, keep studying’. But the desire to play always weighs more.
Looks like the option of debuting with the national team is close. What would it mean to have it?
I had the impressive fortune of living all four of these games. A long time passed before I was called, it is normal to come first, but I had already made up my mind that a good or bad race did not depend on whether I was in the national team or not, although happiness was absolute. Hopefully one day I will have to make my debut, but the day will also come when they will stop calling me and we have to take it as normal, always respecting the coach and my teammates.
Ready to make dreams come true, would it be strange to play the World Cup in winter if you were on Qatar’s list?
this is not important. This is the most important tournament of the game, the most difficult cup to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Qatar in November or on the moon in September. Everyone wants to play it and will enjoy it that way.

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