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Interview with Garbie Muguruza: “On the big stages I come up easily”

Interview with Garbie Muguruza:

Her magnificent progression in the tournament led her to achieve the third most important title in a career marked by the extra performance in the most prestigious competitions.

Garbie Muguruza, after his victory in the WTA Finals.HENRY ROMEROReuters
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This is crazy, you have to fill out all kinds of forms, A, B, C …, he says Garbie muguruza between laughter from the Guadalajara airport, in a telephone conversation with EL MUNDO, once the little heroism of doing the checking. The night has been long, as announced in the video that posted on her Twitter account with the spontaneity that distinguishes her, in the car, surrounded by all her team on a festive basis. The occasion was worth it. In the early Spanish morning of Thursday he beat Anett Kontaveit 6-3 and 7-5 and won the WTA Finals, the third most important title of his career, after Roland Garros in 2016 and Wimbledon, a year later.

Tell me about the celebration.
Well, there was nothing special. But it was really fun. All this is fleeting and you have to take advantage of the happy moments, especially now that the season is over and there are a few weeks off. We drank tequila and had a good time.
He has shown many things in this tournament: not only that he knows how to command the game, but that he has enough arrests to reverse delicate situations, such as the one he faced 5-3 down in the second set.
Yes, ah the game got hot and I had to keep calm, not decompose or let myself be dominated by fear.
He has been seen with great conviction since the tournament began, even if he started it with a defeat.
He had a huge desire to win, in particular to be able to do it in Latin America. That has been an added engine in my performance.
How have you experienced the evolution of the circuit since you won your first major in Paris until now?
It is changing a lot. Before, there was a player like Serena Williams who exercised extraordinary dominance. Now it is as it should be. Much more demanding. You can’t sleep. You have to exert yourself and sweat blood. Watch the final of the US Open, where Emma Raducanu, an 18-year-old girl from the previous one, won.
Which of the new players catches your eye the most?
Right now Raducanu will tell you, which is why it meant pulling such an important victory out of nowhere. We were all surprised.
She commented after the game that she was satisfied that she had treated herself as a friend. At some points in your career you gave the impression that you were his main enemy.
When I was younger I was more out of control on the track. The first match of this tournament was lost in the third set against Karolina Pliskova, 7-6 in the third. I was in a very dangerous position, forced to do everything to try to classify me. But I knew how to stay positive. My own progression has helped me combat this emotional lack of control. Now I am more contained. When you have gone through certain moments, everything is easier to carry.
Have you needed the help of a psychologist?
I have often worked with psychologists, I think it is vital, but I also value the help of my entire team and the people around me.
That balance also shows up in the way he plays. We already know that she was an aggressive tennis player, but she has grown when it comes to defending.
Actually, I have learned to handle various weapons. Before, I lacked the ability to adapt to the different situations that could arise in a match. Now I am more patient and open to looking for solutions.
What role does Conchita Martnez play in this evolution?
Very big. We did click from the moment we met. There is a lot of empathy between us. It is pure chemistry.
The season cannot be finished better.
It has been different from others. I got off to a good start and there have been good times throughout the year. It is true that, unlike on other occasions, I have not shone in the Grand Slam tournaments. But I have been more regular and have played five finals.
But he has once again shown that the big stages are for him.
Yes, without a doubt. It is true that in circumstances like this I come up easily. This tournament has been a clear example.
To what extent has the irruption in the elite been stimulated by another Spaniard, Paula Badosa, whom he defeated in the semifinals.
Paula’s thing has been great. He has ordered all the talent he ever had. He has made it into the top ten, as befits his tennis.
With two players in the top 10 in the ranking, expectations are high at the Billie Jean King Cup. Do you want to face new challenges in this competition? Do you think you can play it regularly?
The truth is that we have a great team and it is very exciting, although sometimes the way they make the calendar they make it almost impossible.
What are your immediate plans?
Right now I’m just thinking of laying on the deck chair to sunbathe. It has been another difficult year, between bubbles, still without an audience in some tournaments. Right away, it’s time to start the preseason and think about 2022.

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