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How to find Pintas’ success or limits: “It makes you feel on another level and it stays with you for the rest of your life.” LaLiga Santander 2021

How to find Pintas' success or limits: "It makes you feel on another level and it stays with you for the rest of your life."  LaLiga Santander 2021

Gustao Poet and Carlos Kallar analyze the methods of the physical trainer, the key to the achievements of Ancelotti’s team.

Pintas, with Ancelotti, last July, in Valdebebas.real madrid

the mist that covers the figure Antony Pintas (Turn, 1962) Football’s great elite have not managed to disappear in their more than three decades. Reluctant to be interviewed, the Real Madrid physical trainer has never boasted of his successes, nor has he deviated from a line of work based on three pillars: hard work, humility and loyalty. “Above all I admire that he never wanted to overestimate himself. And that’s number one for me,” says Gustavo PoetOne of the people who know him best and with whom he still maintains a straight line.

The Uruguay coach attends EL Mundo from Athens, where he has been working as a Greek coach for two months. Poet explains, “Whenever I have any doubts, I call Antonio. He is a man who never stands still and who continues to study and improve. His approach is never the same. Rather, it adapts and adjusts to the times. Much has changed in football since the two met in 1998, when Pintas had just signed for Chelsea Gianluca Vialik, But that summer of London is still fresh in Poet’s memory.

“We had bad luck That he came four months after Vialei, because it was one of those pre-seasons you never forget. He gave us a real beat, he killed us”, recalls the former Real Zaragoza player. Those pains soon paid off for Poet, who scored the winning goal in the European Super Cup against Real Madrid a few weeks later. The Image That We All Have That Trainer Who Made You Feel On Another Physical Level. And that relationship lasts a lifetime,” adds Chara.

With the same intentions that summer of 1998, Pintas appeared last July 5 at Valdebebas to lead his first training session. Carlo Ancelotti, After a two-year absence, his return implied another turn of the screw for a squad that suffered 62 injuries last year, one of the most figures in LaLiga. To this worrying incident we had to add to the factor of veteran: more than half of the team’s spine would reach the spring or around thirty. out of 36 years Luka Modric29. Feather David Alabawithout forgetting Karim Benzema (3.4) toni crosso (32), casemiro (30), daniel carvajali (30) or Thibaut Courtois (29).

As if that wasn’t enough, Pintas faced the hardships of the tournament itself, an important factor that is sometimes overlooked. According to data from the CIES Football Observatory, LaLiga is the most physically demanding championship in Europe and the Americas, with the highest average total distance (103.7 km) and high-intensity efforts covering a distance of approximately 20 km/h (803.9 m). Has been. , After evaluating 365 games of the 2020-2021 season, CIES has confirmed that our championship is already clearly higher than the Premier League, whose parameters have been reduced to 100.8 km and 790.1 m respectively. So whoever wanted to be the champion had to run more or less than the rest. Minutes 1 to 90.

Pintas also needed to adapt to Ancelotti’s agenda, stubborn from the first hour, with eleven types exposed to the rigors of the calendar. But even with sad exceptions Gareth Bale You Eden Hazard, Madrid reduced the number of injured players by 30% and arrived with new legs at the crucial moments. The team scored 24 goals in the final quarter of an hour in 34 games. A record out of reach of other major European Championship leaders: Manchester City (15), Milan (15), Bayern (16) and PSG (19).

To achieve these goals, physicists have deepened their script, where technology is coupled with rigorous optimization. Carlos Kular He knows this method firsthand from his time with Pintas in the premiere. “Antonio was two steps ahead of the rest. With him you felt the most curious, because he exposed you and at the same time among the cottons,” recalls the Madrid man. It was October 2013, when Pintas arrived at Sunderland after a call from Poet, which was an emergency option. paolo di canio, “They put a GPS on us and we analyzed distance traveled, speed in sprints or time at max heart rate. That, which seems normal today, was very new to me, as I came from Aston Villa and Rangers. Totally different ways,” says Kuler.

At the time, the defense pulled a recurring discomfort in the hamstring, which was improving under Pintus’ orders. “Even though there is 10 minutes of training left, I didn’t hesitate to take you out if I feared any kind of risk. Also, each worked according to their position on the field, as a central defender Doesn’t require running. Same as a full back. Everything was based on movements I progressed to 20 meters, the distance for more or less a coverage”, the former Osasuna player abounds. In the three magical weeks, between April and May, that Sunderland scored four victories that deserved a standing.

“I can’t get anything out of my mind and more than once I have told him personally,” Poet says. “It was that little smile he gave you when you finished a series. You were devastated and he was waiting for you with a stopwatch in his hand. I told him: ‘Don’t laugh’, but with I felt the satisfaction of working to the limit. That was the perfection of his method”, completes Hellenic Koch, a member of Pintas’s select club of friends. a circle of loyalty in which people differ Didier Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane, gianfranco zola either Dennis the Wise, The Uruguay concluded, “He’s one of those people you love for life. It doesn’t matter where he is, because you always know you’ll always be in touch.”

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