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How did Catalonia’s anthem stop playing at the Bike Trials World Championships where it faced Spain?

Ciudadanos and Vox denounced the Catalan ‘independence’ and the organization decided to save ‘Els Segdores’. “Our game is too short. We don’t want trouble,” says the organization

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A request from the Organizational Director of the International Bike Trial Union, the representative of the Spanish Bike Trail Union, the President of Unio Catalana de BikeTrail and the current world champion: “Please, we want to stay out of politics. Don’t get us into trouble. Our sport is too short.” It’s very technical and we only want boys and girls to ride bicycles. We’re not looking for trouble.” Has everyone agreed and made a statement? No, all positions, including the title of champion-of-veterans, in this case—are held by the same person, George CasablancaJoe attends EL Mundo from Reynosa where a controversial bike trials world championship was held last week.

There were two different teams in the competition, Spain and Catalonia, and both the opening on Wednesday and the various stage concerts leading up to Saturday, Els Segadors, the Catalan anthem, was played. «But from the very beginning we presented Catalonia as an autonomous community, not as a nation to avoid any problems. On Saturday, on behalf of the Reinosa Municipal Council, they told us that there was some uproar over the theme of the national anthem and today [por este domingo] In the finale and on the podium we no longer have it”, says Casablanca who finds himself “very surprised” with what has happened.

Because there was something other than “some bustle”. There was a disturbance in Cantabria’s parliament that originated away from Reynosa, and has been getting worse since Friday. Then the regional coordinator and the citizens’ spokesperson in Parliament, Felix Alvarez, elevated the Bike Trials World Championships to the political scene with a statement in which he denounced that “the anthem of Catalonia was juxtaposed with the rest of the participating anthems” and in which he called the fact “shameful” and “a described as an insult”. , “You can’t be funny anymore,” he said.

Alvarez also demanded an explanation from the President of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, the regional party of Cantabria, which rules in Reynosa, but hours after his press release, Vox went ahead. In addition, outside the City Council’s organizing, Renosa’s coordinator, Mario Gil, demanded that the organization of the Championships “reform and withdraw Catalonia as a country” and assured that the City Council and the Government of Cantabria would follow a “separatist covenant”. ” participated in. Financially supporting the competition. Despite these claims, there was no expulsion from Catalonia. Although Els Segdores was no longer heard at the World Cup. Casablanca explains, “The International Bike Trials Union has been in existence for 30 years and nothing like this ever happened, which explains how Catalonia’s independence was forged in its sport.

A game without associations, not official

Unlike what happened years ago in roller hockey, segregation in this case was not born out of the Pro Selecians Catalans platform, a political instrument of the Generalitat, or at least how one of its protagonists relates to it. «The Bike Trials has about 200 practitioners in Catalonia and about 50 in the rest of Spain. Since 1992, when the International Federation and the Spanish Federation were created, almost all participants who went to the World Cup, in both the elite and lower categories, were Catalans. In 2009, Catalonia was asked to compete separately in international championships for more cyclists than the rest of Spain”, argues the multi-director of a sport that originally involved overcoming obstacles. There are – rocks, stones, logs … – on top of a bike. A very minority sport.

In fact, it’s not officially a game. Because bike trials do not have federations, only associations of clubs, something that leaves it out of Higher Sports Council (CSD) rules. The body distanced itself this Sunday in statements to EL Mundo: «CSD is completely unrelated to this competition. The athletes do not officially represent Spain. The International Cycling Federation (UCI) has trial competitions, but the rules are different and differ from those of the International Bike Trial Union. “That discipline is not under our umbrella,” the Spanish Cycling Federation recalled this Sunday.

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