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Herrera’s last roller coaster sprint with Atletico: “He will be missed” | LaLiga Santander 2021

Herrera's last roller coaster sprint with Atletico: "He will be missed" |  LaLiga Santander 2021

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The Mexican midfielder returned to San Mames after overcoming a muscle injury. His return to ownership this season coincided with the awakening of the team. He will play in Houston on July 1.

Hector Herrera during a training session with Atletico.ATLETICODEMADRID.COM
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It was a one-off night at Old Trafford, with red and white fans celebrating their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, when Hector Herrera (Tijuana, 1990) again stepped onto the grass, already in flip-flops, with some black nails and pecking his feet with the opponent’s fangs (and heels). “The last kick I got was not very normal,” he admitted with a smile, noting how a drop of blood came out at the height of his right ankle. Although the image of those battle wounds went viral that night (March 15), for Hector, for foxAs he is known in his native Mexico, where he is quite a symbol, his business is nothing more than an advantage. The role of the team brain that he has practiced throughout his life, despite this he has faced many obstacles. The last trip, a muscle injury that left him at Atletico for more than a month, was living his sweetest moment. Tonight, in San Mames (9:00 p.m.), he returns to the starting lineup. This will be the first of five adventures living in Madrid, as Houston awaits him.

“Why do I get angry all the time if I’m not playing? Earlier, I used to eat only once a day and today, thank God, I can eat and give the best to my family,” he said. One of the ideas was an interview with Marca weeks after his signing for Atlético (summer 2019). He broke free from Porto, where he was captain and celebrity, but in Madrid he has experienced a roller coaster, with great typical nights and few shadows. Sometimes he paid for fatal errors on the pitch, the result of his courage with the ball and his imagination in midfield. In front of him Bayern either salzburgin 2020, or, without going so far, not even two months ago, in front of betis, His loss scored goals from the opponent. Others had to stop because of muscle problems he had never experienced before in his long career. In all, 27 games were absent due to injury. Covid attacked him twice during the three-year route that closed in less than a month. At Metropolitano, he scored his only goal as Rosablanco. He did it on the day of his debut, in front of Juventus, That goal served to equalize almost the entire time in a game that his team lost 0–2.

In these three seasons in Madrid he has seen 33 games full off the bench. “We were unfair to Hector because despite the training he had given him, he had a few minutes. But you have to make decisions,” he said. simone In late February, the Mexican firmly held the top of Atlético, until that untimely injury in late March. His presence in the center of the field, with a rattle that is unattractive to be precise, coincides with the best moment of the course for Atletico. Achieved five consecutive victories in the league and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Manchester United. Those were probably his best minutes in the 75 matches he has played so far.

“A Great Companion”

However, despite this being intermittent, in club offices they praise his personality: “He has the personality to play for when it comes to his turn, and above all, when it comes to his departure.” He’s been a great teammate.” A man on his way to a hundred games with the Mexican team (97), where football is almost a religion. After those six seasons (245 games) with Porto, due to his mastery of Portuguese, he was part of a clan that included a teammate in Portugal, Felipe, Diego Costa, I have given You Joao Felix, They have always added, despite the annoyance for not playing as much as they want, they maintain at Atletico. His advice to the youngest, his commitment to the group and those streaks of a bracelet-less captain that often cemented the figure coke, despite starting only eight times, were instrumental in winning the league title. “He has been a player with a tremendous personality. He has made his mark and will be remembered,” he says of the Aztec midfielder.

Hector could sign for Real Madrid in 2018, thanks Julen LopeteguiHis coach in Porto, but he added his country’s followers to Atletico, where everything is good.

From July 1, Herrera will play for the Houston Dynamo of the American MLS. An announcement at the most crucial moment of the season (March 2) for business issues on the other side of the Atlantic. A premature farewell for many. With the passage of time, their loss may be worth more than their presence in these years.

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