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Handball: A strong Spain reaches quarter-finals

Handball: A strong Spain reaches quarter-finals

Jordi Ribera’s men beat Brazil (32-25) to maintain their overall victory in Tokyo.

Ral Entreros bowled the ball in the match against Brazil.AP

The Spanish men’s handball team mathematically entered the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games by defeating Brazil (25–32), where they still do not know of a defeat. With some sorrows against Germany and Norway & # 39; Hispanics & # 39; Came to win, both putting up a hard-fought 28–27, and against Brazil which he had previously directed. Jordi Ribera In the end, he had to stand in a queue to get his account.

A game in which Spain got off to a weak start from behind but found the defensive fortitude they usually cherish, a great . with Vargas Prezo In the goalkeeper and, in the attack, the magic appeared in time to score a maximum of 8 goals in the equator of the preliminary round and receive the green light towards the quarter-finals.

But the victory should not hide that Brazil managed to lead 8-4 in their first eight attacks. The Brazilians, who, unlike the ‘Hispanics’, count their duel in Tokyo as a defeat, fought over the final score.


In fact, Jordi Ribera had to request a time-out, which was crucial to redirecting a game in which Spain was distracted. Once in the back, thanks to Gonzalo Praz de Vargas, who also scored two goals on the blank in the final leg, Spain was finding the dark spots of the Brazilian defence.

The first advantage did not come until December 16-17. ferran solo, on the verge of a break on which they went 16-18 with a goal from a rejuvenation resin entreros, in another great version and performance of the captain, who will have to see whether Ribera & Co., or at Barra, will be given the level he continues to deliver.

Upon the resumption, the game was completely different (9–14) and Spain found the pace of play at an offensive level, with some counterattacks and shots on empty goals against Brazil as they found themselves in the water. . to his neck. And Spain completely shattered the opponent, on the fast track, to make it to the quarter-finals.