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Griezmann saves Atlético in the Mestalla. LaLiga Santander 2022

The Frenchman scored the winning goal for Rosiblancos in Valencia as he stepped onto the field.

Griezmann celebrates Atletico’s winning goal at the Mestalla.joseph jordanAFP
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There is a nuance between living and resisting. You live with a rhythmic heartbeat, accelerating in the face of stimuli that reinforce the stand in a belief that is by definition irrational. It resists when, despite the lack of hope, takes each breath as the last and pushes. Atlético protested against Valencia who were staying again. Cholo needed to go to the bottom of the bench and save Griezmann so he could score in 111 seconds. [Narracin y estadsticas: 0-1]

The Frenchman saved a team that was dwarfed for several minutes, despite an eleven of several carats, and faced off against Valencia who showed more intention and even more skill. Not only did he not feel uncomfortable with the decisions of Cuadra Fernández and VAR, which taught a whole lesson about the need for constant translation of referee’s decisions.

Gattuso dares to think of Valencia to be Simeon, the coach who would uncover the strengths of a team that hides cowardice behind a simple appearance. If in the band he could be a bundle of nerves in communication with the stands, in his proposal the Italian won the game until the quality of his squad caught up with him. With a patched-up defense and the best striker in the box, Cavani launches his team to attack the Titans without asking permission or apologies.

Castilejo and Thierry were in charge of widening the hole that opened in the band between Sal and Reinaldo waiting for Reguilon and Valencia without a compass pushing an Atlético that had neither the ball nor the ball. could run. Despite Joao and Morata, Dhibi and Semmert being rivals, Mamardashvili had a hard time testing him. Earlier, a shot from Younis took Oblak by surprise but VAR canceled the flick due to an earlier foul by Dykahabi. This was the first slap on the wrist of Cuadra Fernandez. Mestalla, with the fuss of his coach, woke Atlético to put together two of the best plays, which were hand-saved by the Georgian goalkeeper with Morata and Joo Flix. But the Rosiblancos persisted without feeling comfortable, corseted and forced by the over-enthusiastic Valencia of the dominant. Castilejo’s overflow and Lino’s efforts did not meet Marcos André, with one foot outside the club, the perfect finisher. It was in the stand.

Atletico’s Awakening was again shortened by VAR. Cuadra sent Thierry to hit Morata as he headed towards goal, but the video referee’s call corrected him and changed the red to yellow. The international was still able to catch a pass from Joao exposed to the explosion but Mamardashvili’s figure reappeared.

Atlético’s fortunes changed around the locker room. The bottom of the bench gave Cholo a chance to rock a sticky match with Carrasco with offers on the table, and above all, Lemar and Griezmann. The first ball he touched was a goal. One stalled and the other with the help of Soler sent him into the net a notch before his favorite victim.

The locals try to stay on their feet, pushing Atlético to the edge of the arena, but Gattuso is guided by everything he has, which isn’t much: the talents of volunteer Fauquier, Nico and Maxi so that he Watch with your last minutes. He and a handful of desi players are under construction.

With Cunha and Correa engaging in a fight, Mamardashvili’s figure had to re-emerge to receive a shot from Carrasco and another attempt by Griezmann to thicken a marker that fell towards Roszyblanco, but it was completed. Kind of doesn’t cover some embarrassment.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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