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Green revolution in Tokyo | Tokyo Olympics

 Green revolution in Tokyo |  Tokyo Olympics

Games Diary (XII)

Cardboard beds, medals made from recycled mobiles, podiums made from plastic waste, electric cars … Tokyo 2020 is the most sustainable Games in history.

A recycled cardboard bed in the Olympic Village.REUTERS

Anti-sex beds in the Olympic Village? The gymnast Rhys McClenaghan He was the first who wanted to break the myth that they would not withstand the sudden movements of two – or more – people on their recyclable cardboard structures. McClenaghan jumped and jumped. The bed held. The problem was that the Irishman recorded his act to dismount fake news and uploaded it to social networks. The video was seen by other athletes and were encouraged to do the same grace.

The baseball player Ben wanger It jumped, but the cardboard didn’t budge. Argentine basketball players Francisco Caffaro and Tayavek Gallizzi, more of the same. And nothing at all. Nine athletes from the Israeli Olympic team had to climb onto a bed to break it.

Excuse you, you are very bored. There are more than 11,000 athletes locked up in a kind of village and they have nothing more to do than go to the dining room or jump on beds with 100% polyester mattresses, which will be recycled when the Games are over.

These Games, in addition to the constant shadow of the pandemic, should also be remembered for being the most sustainable in history. Some examples: podiums are 3D printed from plastic waste. The medals were forged from recycled metal from old cell phones and other small appliances donated during a 2017 initiative. Hundreds of electric cars are also used to transport athletes to venues, many of which are temporary buildings made of recycled wood.


This is all a little green revolution that aims to serve as an example to a country that last year set out to become a carbon neutral society. That will happen, according to the prime minister Yoshihide suga, in 2050. Japan, the fifth largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, will not release any additional CO2 into the atmosphere from that year on.

Carbon neutrality is achieved when the same amount of CO2 is emitted from which it is removed by different routes. It is not easy because it is necessary to change the great dependence on non-renewable energies such as coal, and accelerate the research and development of next generation solar batteries.

At the hotel where the special envoys of this newspaper stay, when we go down to breakfast we have to take recycled cardboard boxes where the food is kept. Like the recycled paper cup to pour the coffee.

Gold medal for environmentalism in Tokyo.