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Great start at the Copa del Rey Mapfrey

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The ‘Efos 500’, on top of Felipe VI, finishes the first day of the regatta in second place in the provisional classification of the Queen class (BMW ORC1).

Felipe VI at the wheel of the ‘Efos 500’ during the first day of the 40 Copa del Rey Mapfre.Carlos LavarezGetty Images
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the fortieth edition of King Mapfrey Cup I released relations with yesterday 109 ship Aspiring to win the most prestigious trophy in the Mediterranean. a typical wind embatof a magnitude of about 14 knots, manifested by palm bay to advance the fleet and complete a round premiership, in which year 500 of Philip VI Rani managed to break into the provisional podium of the class (BMW Orc 1).

Although only the first of the six days of competition has been played, it is surprising that the sailboat dropped by Don Felipe takes second place in the classification, as year 500 This is the 17 year old TP52, which is much older than many of its rivals. Also because the Emperor has a program that allows him to train in barely water. It is not easy to explain that Felipe VI is running side by side with the Olympic champion fernando leone You Kiko Sanchez Lunas (in both HM Hospital) or that it’s ahead of a crew like them jose mara, pichucrooked ,PBX Selling Team) wave of Luis Martinez Dorste ,Star,

However, the Navy cautiously ifos, adapting it on land and sailing it with a team that knows it well. Almost everyone on board are Navy officers and NCOs, coordinated by Admiral Jaime Rodriguez TubesAlthough there is room for the champions of the America’s Cup like Argentina. Alberto Barrovierwhich performs the functions of strategy.

for all this, year 500 To stumble first sleeve of the day when making a poor start that punishes him for the entire course of the regatta field CharlieSituated in the center of the bay, to settle eighth place after compensation timeYes

Everything changed in the second attack of the first day. The naval vessel squeezed its full potential and in real time was second only to red hood (another old TP52) by and by Karl-Peter Forster Weapon 2 Gallic. Timing improvements gave the king’s boat a second, long enough to return to the mainland at the provisional platform.

I finished third, but after disqualification of red hood An incident with Aerobus 2 during the first heat resulted in the dance in the status of an Orc 1 class, Raising Don Felipe’s Boat to Second PlaceFive points behind the leader, HM Hospital,

Perhaps year 500 Deflates as the days went by, as in the previous version, but for now Felipe VI has gained license to dream what will happen. His first Copa del Rey Mapfrey,

Of the rest of the class, he highlighted the fight without a quarter. BMW Orc 2 Among the 2021 champions, Soho-Caxabank Theater of Xavier Banderasand Estonian Katharina II of avar tulberg, First sleeve a. ended with tieAn unusual circumstance in the timing of the regatta, and the second reached the Spanish boat in only 39 seconds.

skugniza In BMW Orc 3, Merblick Fun In BMW Orc 4, A group In club swan 50, Choir-spirit of Nerina In ClubSwan 42 You Goddess In club swan 36 They were the other boat that returned to Real Club Natico de Palma as the first leaders of the 40 Copa del Rey Mapfre. The smallest boats in the fleet (sq.) Herbalife J70 You Majorca Sotheby’s Women’s Cup), which will join the great sailing festival this Tuesday.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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