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Goalkeeper Joselu, who threatened Real Madrid, started out as goalkeeper: “We can’t drive them crazy”. LaLiga Santander 2021

The Espanyol striker went through Castile and even started with Mourinho, but matured as a footballer in the Bundesliga and Premier.

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  • ancelotti “If Asensio leaves, we’re not going to sign anyone because we don’t need him”

joselu (Stuttgart, 1990) One of the great dangers that real madrid of ancelotti In Cornell-El Pratt. style of SpanishJoe passed through Castilla after making his professional debut at Celta and made his debut with the Madrid first team. morinho, is an example of struggle and overcoming. When the white unit decided not to continue counting on him, he began a difficult apprenticeship in Germany, which would later be completed in England so that he could become a footballer at this time.

Of course I would have loved to stay in Madrid, but my dream was to play in the First Division and we believed the best decision was to travel to Germany. First, it’s an experience you have little respect for, because you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t have references, but I very much wished. I learned a lot there, says the striker. Taking things out of the Bundesliga and the Premier you make a more complete player, which I think I can define myself for now, he reiterates. In Germany he discovered the importance of the physique, while in England he also added the speed factor.

When I arrived in Germany from Castilla, I was very skinny, I weighed about 70kg, and I quickly gained about nine or ten kilos of muscle, because they physically destroyed you there. Meanwhile, football in England is moving at a different pace. It’s too vertical and you have to be smart, recalls a Joselu who, curiously, started in football far from the position he is today: as a goalkeeper.

This was a position that I loved very much as a child. There was no soccer seven in my city, the field was huge and you hardly had any contact with the ball. Then, seeing as I was getting better and better at playing with my feet, I got bored at times, so there were games where I played as a striker in the second half. I was getting better and better, I was liking the position more, and so far, says the blue and white winger, which suggests that, at the forefront, he always paid a lot of attention. Fernando Torres, And he’s not a player who looks like me, he confesses.

After passing to Hoffenheim, which saw him on loan for a year to Eintracht, Hanover, Stoke City, Newcastle and Deportivo. magpies, were consolidated at a bonfire with their best scoring points returned. Therefore, it is not uncommon that he had several girlfriends this summer, although the cat that took him to the water was Espanyol. He gave me a lot of confidence and, although other offers may have been better financially, I always had a bug that I liked football and the project suited me a lot after talking to him. Mr, The decision was easy to make, he explains.

“Everybody Knows Benzema”

However, the season has not started the way they would like. In the end, the results are what characterize everything. I think in Vigo we were better than Celta in the first half. And the same thing happened against Rayo and the goal we scored in the first 45 minutes was an extreme punishment. In the end, there were moments when we were superior to the opponent, but we lost or finished. Road, the process we are doing is good, some things need improvement. But, even with the consequences, it’s impossible for people to see it that way. We have done many things right and we have to rectify what we have done wrong.

Therefore, it is important to add against Real Madrid. That yes, without missing the answer. This is a match you have to prepare for, but without extra preparation, because we don’t want to burden ourselves with information. We can’t go crazy, because that’s how you can do everything wrong and be a disaster. We have a top-tier rival, but we are also lucky to know them well. In the end, you don’t even need to analyze Benzema so much, because everyone already knows him, he explains.

The main thing is not to make mistakes. They, in the end, let you play, but as soon as they steal the ball, they kill you. This is a 100% focused match. Madrid takes advantage of any mistakes you make. Therefore, we must try to be very precise and put into practice the options we have, because they do not forgive, warns a Joselu who, despite everything, is very confident in his possibilities. I’ve already beat Madrid once [el 28 de noviembre de 2020, por 1-2, en el Alfredo di Stfano] And Espanyol did it at home last year, remember. Will it be difficult? All parties are With this shirt on, what you can’t do is leave yourself behind in the effort, he says.

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