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Giro Keys: Time Trials, Legendary Mountains, Pure Climbers and ‘Sacred’ Sprinters

Giro Keys: Time Trials, Legendary Mountains, Pure Climbers and 'Sacred' Sprinters

Richard Carapaz, Great Favorite

Last Sunday’s final pedal stroke in Villars and Oviedo, final place in the Tour de Romanda and Vuelta a Asturias announced the end of the cycle and the arrival of the Giro d’Italia, which starts next Friday in Budapest.

Richard Carapaz returned to the Verona Arena in 2019 with the intention of repeating that win with the Movistar team.Press
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Two heroes of the Asturian era, British Simon Yeats (Bike Exchange), winner of two stages, and Colombian Ivan Ramiro Sosa (Movistar), the winner of the second and last Gen K, are among the candidates fighting for the trophy. senja finewhich will be awarded to the final winner May 29 in the sand Verona,

In 2019, Ecuador Richard Carapazzi (Ineos) managed three stages against the clock for a total of 60 kilometers to win the Giro with the Movistar team jersey. That version ended, thus, in Verona and, thus, with A Time Trial in the ArenaThe city’s splendid Roman amphitheater that will tell us of the great successes of all time scar fryer,

On this occasion the Giro has been carried with the new winds. Only two stages of individual effort, Second stage in Budapest, and closing stage in Veronas 26.6 Timely Submit Kilometers Out of about 3,500 routes. Last year he had already stopped at 39.


This measure harms even the most complete cyclists such as Carapaz himself, Portuguese Joao Almeida (UAE Emirates) or for Dutch Tom Dumoulin (Jumbo Visma), who won the centenary edition (2017) thanks to a time trial on the final day in Milan, in which undress nairo quintana (Absent in this edition, his team resigned to participate) of the pink jersey. I will miss this trait, although it no longer appears as one of the strongest starting candidates.

Colombians benefit from time constraints Miguel Angel Lopez, He returns to a big staged run after being out of his grasp to scare Leads Astana in the final version of the Vuelta and with the veteran Vincenzo Nibalik, To Yacht (Bike Exchange) or to Romain Burdett (DSM), having won against the Tour of the Alps. And for other runners with good track records in Corsa Rosa like Australian jai hindley (Bora), his companion Wilco Kelderman either Hugh Karthi (EFE Education).

Persistence: Mikel Landa

Also the beneficiary of the shortest Giro route in the time trial since 1962 Mikel Landa (Bahrain), again with the belief that this career belongs to him after having lost so many pieces of skin due to falls and misfortune. Distant podium in 2015When his own team obstructed to ruin his chances of defeating him alberto counter, Together with potatoes, it forms a solid group in which paleo bilbaoAlways among the best.

The only Spanish team, once again, is Movistar Team, Contador’s Elo-Cometa runs under an Italian license (and without any Spaniards in the line-up).

Valverde, Exhibition of Being

Navarre Team, led by Max Cynadripresents a bicephaly in good part Hungarian: The Young Colombian Sosa, a pure and hardy climber Who doesn’t like a time trial… and some sort of out-of-competition physical hologram called Alexander Valverdewho has entered the Giro for the second time in himself 20 seasons of professional cycling, The first, in 2016, took third place on the podium and a stage win. It’s not even imaginary to imagine dressed in pink in the early days Of the competition, though the fight will be tough. Not even in first class in the general classification at the end of the trip. But Mercian reveals his exposition already taking part of this Giro.

Van Der Poel and the Sprinters

first round in Hungary, with Last three kilometers on 5% slopeThat would be a deal for Alejandro from five, 10 or 15 years ago. Today even at the age of 42, he is capable of intimidation, but… Matthew van der Poela (alpecene), William Martin (cofidis), Kort Nielsen (EF Education) and some tough climbing sprinters who will compete in this in massive sprints Caleb Ivano (lotto), mark cavendish (quick Step), exchange rate (inter March), Fernando Gaviria (United Arab Emirates), Arnaud Damare (groupma) or giacomo nizzolo (track).

but fall is a mountain, On the way from Budapest to Verona they will experience encounters with The Emotional Toponymy That Writes the Great History of the Giro d’Italia For over a century: Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo, Marmolada, Zoncolan, Finastre, Blockhaus… And a new demanding climb on Stage 19, the final pass on the Slovenian border: kolovrat,

great absentee

The race will pass through the homeland of the best that day come back to us of the moment. However, not even the winner of the last two editions of the Tour de France, Tadej Pogakarnor the last red jersey of the tour of Spain, primoz roglik, Slovenia will still display a small but valuable representation, with riders such as Jan Tratnik and Dom Novak, teammates from Landa and Bilbao.

nor does he defend his title Egan BurnlaMiraculously recovered from a crash that left him with nothing in February, but Joe is already training in Monaco with his supposed successor, Carapaz.

The season’s first major continues to boast toughness, as its incomparable motto recalls (The world’s toughest race in the most beautiful country in the world) and although Decisive eruption still concentrated in last daysThere are some tough miles in each week of travel, including End of stage at Etna just after landing in Sicily From the land of Magyar. they don’t cheat 50,580 m accumulated altitude gain in all 21 stages.

The Giro d’Italia 2022 has been consolidated tendency to reduce step length, In this edition of May The longest of the four with a journey of over 200 km 204. limited to, Carapaz won at the Giro, days four over 230 kilometers and the other three over 220.

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