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Giro d’Italia: When Miguel Indurain defeated Holy Alliance: “He spoke a little, a gesture was enough”

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Navarrese’s first win at the Giro. “The Italians attacked him everywhere, but he always remained calm,” recalls his brother Pruden.

Miguel, surrounded by Italian riders at the 1992 Giro.a martinEFE

They attacked him everywhere. but miguel He was always calm. He spoke little, a glance, a gesture or a certain way of pedaling was enough for him. rationalbrother of indurain, recalls that the first Spanish victory at the Giro, a version that is now 30 years old, was a relentless battle between Italians and Navarres. new era of Corsican Pink Will start next Friday.

The 1992 trial began on 24 May. thierry-marie The 8 kilometer prologue in Genoa was scored with a three-second lead over Indurain. In the third stage, the Spaniard took the lead after breaking the peloton with 10 km to go with an attack. Claudio Chiapucci, replied Miguelán, who picked up Mary. From then on and through to the end of the round, the Spaniard dominated the race with an iron fist and silk gloves. He crushed his enemies in a time trial of the fourth stage, which ended in Sansepolcro. In 21 kilometres, he overtook Chiapucci in 1.09 minutes, Marco Giovanniti already in 1.46 franco chiocioli Unexpectedly at 2.16, the great rival of the Benesto leader was his partner, the unruly . were armand of the caves, just over half a minute. The weather is good, but it could have been better, Indurain warned. I am a little overwhelmed by what is happening. Calm down and put your feet on the ground. We did nothing but start, says director Jose Miguel Echavaric, A tornado has passed, write historians of that time.

Image of the cover of a newspaper opened by the Spaniard on May 28, 1992 World Share headlines with this headline: Serbs set fire to a baker’s queue as massacre in Sarajevo unfolds. Before Yugoslavia, now Ukraine.

“Italians wanted to mess it up”

The Spaniard had already threatened to repeat the tyranny of the previous year in his first Tour victory, when he defeated Gianni Bugno And to Chiapucci. This fear was expressed by the youth Massimiliano Lellithat chrono are a. after hitting Santa Alianza against Miguel. From that day onwards Banesto had no rest. Great job for Pruden, lukun, uriarte, philipote, Santamar: You fuchs, was the only one who didn’t finish the Giro ruben gorospeOne who suffers.

Experts in climbers, classics and sprinters did not lose their chances. The Italians wanted to win at home, but Miguel was never tense, recalls Pruden, who was mistakenly asked by many for an autograph, mistaking him for his brother. I always had to be close to him as we carried him bike of equal size And in case of breakage or accident I had to give mine to him. I was glued to him. We slept together not only at home, but also in hotels, explains Pruden while participating in his activities as commercial director of Connor Sports in Navarra.

For Pruden, the leading day was the tenth, ending in Terminillo, in the Apennines, the first major mountain stage: I remember the Italians wanted to mess it up, Chicioli pushed hard from under the pass, but Miguel knew that How to do Control by imposing a constant rhythm. Slowly he was picking up rivals. i won the stage lucho herrera, Was only one of the favorites with Miguel giovannetti, chiappucci I lost half a minute and chisioli more than three minutes.

“Miguel was as simple as he seemed”

“My memory may fail me, but I don’t remember Miguel going through a day of crisis. i was always calmAdds Miguel’s brother, noting his excellent performance in time trials, while managing time well.

Indurain always kept a close eye on Chiapucci, whom he described as his rival more dangerousToughest to control, and allowed partial victories for Giovanetti (stage 17) and Chioccioli (19).

For history’s sake, the last day, in Milan, was a time trial in which Indurain crushed his rivals. Chiapucci, who had come out three minutes earlier, had doubled. ,psychologically dominates youHe sent you the message that he was behind all the time”, declared the Italian.

“Miguel looked like it was very simple. Others, when they put themselves first, slept next to the leader’s jersey, but they folded it up and put the number in the suitcase, next to shorts or gloves. there was no special party Titled, there was dinner with relatives and little else, Pruden explains.

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