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Giro d’Italia: This is the new unexpected leader: the climber, from Betis and as funny as Joacun

Giro d'Italia: This is the new unexpected leader: the climber, from Betis and as funny as Joacun

Juanpe López, the last Spaniard to wear the pink jersey, is the new pearl of Alberto Contador’s fruitful school

Juanpe López on the podium celebrates the leadership of the Giro.marco alpozzicAP
  • Italy spin Juanpe Lopez made history and dresses in pink on Etnan

At the Cometa Concentration, in Oliva (Valencia), the first weekend of February 2019, the reporter breaks into training and asks who is the runner of the mine team’s new litter. alberto counter Which can provide more games. The most interesting is Juanpe, he looks like Alberto, he insists Juanfran de la Cruz, Press officer. the new one jersey Giro d’Italia Rose, Juan Pedro Lopez (Lebriza, 1997) pointed to remarkable circumstances from its inception in cycling. The Pinto squad signed him when he was 17, and he was in their school until he was 23. her teacher daz fair, Jess Hernandez, Garka House, Jose Luis de Santos You carlos barredo They always valued him for his climbing skills and charisma.

Juanpe never goes unnoticed. He is very open, cheerful, funny and close person. He always forms a group, he confirms frank accountant, promoter of a launch platform for runners built in Pinto, the brother of the champion, who watched Juanpe’s exhibition at Aetna’s finish line on Monday. And it’s that the new jewel of the Contador factory is as fun as joaquin, in front of your dear daughters. He is passionate about football and dreamed of becoming an idol of the Verdiblanco club when he was a kid.

Juanpe comes from a humble family, he was forced to make many sacrifices to make his way into cycling. From adolescence, he started flying alone. Yesterday he remembered his people and was taken to the stage of Corsican Pink: I am very happy. I need to enjoy this moment and with this jersey as much as I can, said Sevillian, who had overtaken the German in the last kilometer of the day. Lenard Knma, which took away the stage victory from him, but that didn’t stop him from emulating his idol. Juanpe, after seven years, took over from Alberto Contador at the last major Spanish Giro d’Italia.

López’s disruption surprised his team, those responsible for Trek, who were satisfied with some partial victories. molema, sicon either cataldo, An experienced trio is now working for a 24-year-old man who is not overwhelmed with responsibility.

He is no longer in our team, but I am very happy for him. He is very good and those of us who know him know that It was only a matter of time In a telephone conversation after the Etna base, Fran Contador says it will be worth it.

Lopez stands out for his easy pedaling when the road is steep. A safe price in the mountains, that’s why Trek didn’t hesitate to hire him in 2020, So, the Cometa was a kind of mother team of the formation sponsored by the American bicycle factory.

That winter of 2019, Juanpe led a squad, which included a boy three years younger, who had already stood up to his encouragement: Carlos RodriguezWho now plays for Ineos and who is with John Ayuso, banner of the new Spanish cycling. there were also Diego Pablo Seville, Alexander Robero and brothers garka leg, boys who struggled to jump into the professional ranks and follow in the footsteps of Enrique Morey, lovero pictures, fernando barcelona either Matteo MoschettiPhD student of Contador Academy, of which he soon joined as a member evan bassos,

Fran is proud of the arable land. And that on Monday the Italian was also the hero stefano oldaniJoe was on the run until the end of the day, when he was caught by Juanpe López, part of Oliva’s valuable promotion that now shines in this charming Giro.

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