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Giro d’Italia: Pelo Bilbao: “I came late to cycling, at 20 I was on a different wave”

Giro d'Italia: Pelo Bilbao: "I came late to cycling, at 20 I was on a different wave"

As Mikel Landa’s ally and facing his favorite race after a great start to the year, the Bahrain Victorious says, “I don’t feel inferior. “It’s a dream to wear pink clothes.”

Pelo Bilbao during the Giro presentation in Budapest.getty
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Martina is born in June and then paleo bilbao (Guernica, 1990), Take a breath. Hours before facing the Giro, one of Budapest National’s animators admits from Budapest, “We’re going to have many races, but the birth of a daughter is something that can only happen once in a lifetime. . I want to be there.” Squad coming after starting pyrotechnic course: I won a sprint alphilippe Touched the final victories in Itzulia and at the Tour of the Alps. is together Mikel LandaGreat asset of Bahrain.

In the Alps, Landa did the work for you. How do they face the Giro?
In principle, the final responsibility for the general falls on Mikel. But we’re not going to focus 100% on that either. We have the podium in mind, but along the way we will fight for the steps. We have a whole team, even Phil Bauhaus for sprint. We don’t want to waste anything, we’ll stick to our style, aggressively, looking to race ourselves.
He did 5 (2020), 6 (2018), won stages. Dream of the podium?
Jersey is a dream. For me, who has always had a special association with this race, that would be a great thing. Wear pink colored clothes for at least a few days. But this is not an obsession, if it comes, it will definitely come. arrived safely. I don’t know if it’s worse or better than other times, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.
What’s so special about the Giro?
I always feel more comfortable competing here. It is a more open race than the Tour, without much control, where the cyclist has more room for improvisation. It is cycling towards the origin. There is more room for surprises, chances of breaking the script, more fun the runner can have.
Who do you see in battle?
Can’t differentiate as much as a pogakar or a pathic. its t boatsLanda. And above all, Carapazzi, which brings a very powerful block with Ineos. I see many possibilities Miguel Angel Lopez: If he is included in the general classification in the last week, it is very dangerous. own almida Be close to getting the jersey in the first week.
How is your relationship with Landa? Is there a good personal feeling?
We have known each other since childhood. There we compete against each other. Our careers are intertwined. As a hobby we share a team, Naturgas. Later we met again at Euskaltel. Then we parted ways and we reunited in Bahrain. We have shared many moments, but always with good rapport and desire to work together. In fact, Landa was one of my inspirations for coming to Bahrain. I wanted to team up with him, work for him. We are good companions and, as seen in the Alps, he is able to do a fantastic job when it comes to lending a hand. Like how many times have I given myself to him. We don’t have a problem and that’s the key to the good vibes in our team.
What’s it like to beat Alaphilip in a sprint?
It was my confidence in my chances and a little bit of anger, as I had missed my chances several times before at home. I didn’t want to fail, I was looking for him. That day was the most intentional. That stubbornness, chasing him till the end, gave me a chance to believe in myself. You might think that sprinting with Alaphilippe wasn’t the best option, but it was the only one left after several tries. you never know.

His record is one of the best in the Spanish squad, but he was always in the background in the media. Why?
I don’t feel inferior. Palmares is out there, the people are the ones who judge, who prefers one runner or the other. I don’t run to please the public, I run for my team, I do what I want. I like that people enjoy our game, obviously. And I enjoy it when I indulge in garlic, when I’m the hero. I am not so satisfied with the result but how it is achieved. I’m not worried about getting more or less recognition.
Was he able to overcome the frustration of not going to the games?
H.H. If I’ve learned anything from him, it’s that you shouldn’t give too much importance to a particular career. You should not be obsessed with anything. And lest he think of Paris, if he comes, arrive in peace. There are many castes.
Where were you when you were 20?
I did the exact opposite of kids who are now professionals at age 18 or 19. I was on a different wavelength. I had an extraordinary opportunity to be a truly professional before me. But at that time I didn’t have the mentality now. So I combined my studies with training, in the morning I went to class and in the afternoon I trained. The diet kept her as she could. Dine several times in the university dining room. Let’s say my life was not very professional. The transition to the pros came a little unexpectedly, faster than I thought. Things got easier for me as an amateur and I was at the right time and in the right place and I was able to take advantage of the Euskaltel structure ladder. They gave me a chance and maybe I was not mentally prepared. It was a three-year apprenticeship, but I’m sure I didn’t make the most of it. After that I became more aware of where I was and what I really wanted to do. But I do not regret the path I have taken, because I have enjoyed every moment, always moving forward, always making more important achievements. I guess that’s what drives me to turn 20. I don’t know if kids who achieve everything at age 22, at age 30 or at age 35, will have the same motivation. I think it’s complicated. Everyone does the road in their own way and I am happy with how I have done it.
What do you think when Bernal or Pogakar win the Tour at age 20?
We are no longer surprised. There are many people who do not need the time of adaptation that others need. I don’t know exactly what has changed, but I see that the young people who pass out tend to be more professional. They know their game, they have done things from a young age in a more professional manner, they come with the tradeoffs they have learned. Similarly, cycling has changed and better adopts the characteristics of a young boy. It is not as aggressive or deterrent, it is more explosive.
Physically, can they even pay for it when they are experienced?
Unless you have a serious fall or injury, the body can take anything you throw at it. Alexander [Valverde] He’s been scaling his career up to the age of 42 and looks like he’s moving forward physically without any problems. But I see it more in the mental aspect. Getting up and training every day no matter what, with the best attitude, with motivation and with the quality that the World Tour demands. Measuring out all the details, taking care of you, dropping whatever you have. That’s the motivation that gets lost with age. The head can no longer squeeze, can reach those limits.
How did it start?
When I was 16, I was late on the bike. There was no tradition of cycling in the family. S in my grandfather, some brothers who devoted themselves. But it doesn’t come to me. This was thanks to the squad men, who compete in the town club, Guernica. I started cycling just to play sports, to pass the time. I loved trying different types of sports. He played football, the pelota court, he went to catch the waves. He soon saw that he had a level, that he could be competitive.
And was he good at Fronton?
No, not even football. Please tell that the place where it is located has been bike only.

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