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Giro d’Italia: Merckx’s Birthplace and Worst Prediction: “He Has Limits, He’ll Never Win Big”

Giro d'Italia: Merckx's Birthplace and Worst Prediction: "He Has Limits, He'll Never Win Big"

The first stage won by Belgium in the big round was at the top of the Blockhaus, where this Sunday, 55 years later, the day of the ‘Corsa Rosa’ ends.

Eddie Merckx, climbing a port of the Giro d’Italia, 1967.EFE

The cradle of the myth is raised in the vanguard of Italian bandits baptized by Germanic names. The top of the Blockhaus (stone house) changed history. On that summit of Abruzzo, Eddy Merckx Wrote the opening chapter of his gigantic work. On May 31, 1967, he won his first leg in one of the three major rounds. He had a great success, but was given little importance at the time. Merckx was 21 years old and experts predicted he would be a runner with hardly any choice in the mountains. There has never been a more wrong prediction than this.

Pipiolo Merckx (Meinsel-Kiezegem, June 17, 1945) took part in the round with a poster of a brilliant classic lover, winner of the Walloon Arrow, a double title in Ghent-Weveljean and Milan-San Remo. Jacques Anquetilla You happy gimondi, The Giro began with a Spanish lead role. Antonio Gomez Del Morali He won the second stage and was the leader for three consecutive days. Jose Perez Franck Achieved it jersey Pink on the eighth day of the match and retained it for a week. Catalan was the first classified in Phase 12, in which nothing would be the same again. Departing at Caserta and ending at the Blockhaus, an unprecedented peak whose strange name originates from the 19th century, when an Austrian soldier was leading infantry group of the italian army who fought the crusaders in the early years of Italian unification. A stone fort was built on the top of the hill in 1863.

Till there the platoon covered a distance of 200 km for seven hours. Narrow mark among favorites. Everything was broken in the 2,000-meter absence with the Italians fleeing. shiavone You ziliolique, Merckx jumped after him like a bullet. He grabbed them, led, and set a frantic pace that only Zillioli held for a few seconds. With a kilometer to go, the Belgians were rookie in command of the race, Outlast the zillioli in 10 seconds. In third place was Prez Franck, ahead of Anquetil. Gimondi arrived 35 seconds later. I hadn’t climbed many mountains before, so I just went with the group. I loved when Zillioli attacked, pointing to an unexpected winner.

“Italian Despair”

Experts did not calibrate the explosion of the 1.82-meter giant that did not fit with the prototype of a small climber. next day, La Gazzetta dello Sport Entitled: “Italian despair. Belgian runner wins in the mountains,

The upstart, two days later, made its second sprint stage at the Lido degli Estancy. Five days later, he finished second at Tres Simas de Lavaredo, where he challenged Gimondi’s authority. The stage was canceled as several assistants were glued to the cars. The Italian won the round after attacking Anquetil in the final stage. In that version, other Spaniards also highlighted: francisco gabica a forum was created and aurelio gonzalezMountain Award. Kass (rookie) graded the team. Merckx, in his debut, finished ninth in 11:41. He has shown his limits in the mountains. Young Belgian can never win a big stage race, he wrote bruno rachio Giro in . in his summary of La Gazzetta dello Sport, You know: The following year he won the first of his five Giro. This will be followed by five tours, a Vuelta and the legend of cannibal,

The most accomplished cyclist ever retired on May 1, 1978. But they have always been linked to cycling. your son excel It was professional as well. In the 1980s, he created his own brand of bicycle with great sales. he baptized one of his gems Blockhouse 67, Myth scored over 260 victories as a professional, but for him, the one signed in the Apennine Mountains was the most special. He changed history with the worst prediction ever.

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