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Giro d’Italia: Bouwman finally adds a classic flavor to a delectable day

Giro d'Italia: Bouwman finally adds a classic flavor to a delectable day

Dutchman Potenza stays ahead of Molema and Formolo at the finish line, while Juanpe López holds the lead.

Winner Baumann in the Potenza goal.AP

Five years after that stage in the Critérium du Dauphiné, Koen Bauman (Jumbo Visma) gives evidence in Potenza of the circumstances that had earned him a certain reputation in his country. At the age of 28, the Dutchman defeated two rivals of K stature bouke molema (Trek Segafredo) and David Formolo (Team Emirates) after a break of 125km where he slipped Tom DumoulinRank mate. The organizers had empowered to event this mid-mountain day at the Full Giro with a certain aroma of the classic, which still dominates Juanpe Lopez,

It was time to leave behind the fatigue that had accumulated in Budapest since Friday. The area of ​​Basilicata, with the finish line piping, had reasons to enjoy the Southern Apennines. So during the first two hours the bladder did not have time to relieve, resolved at 39.5 km / h. The nobles and outcasts were looking for their place in the race, facing the first attempt, with an accumulated difference of over 4,500 m in altitude. And even Lopez wanted to appear in some prevention efforts before Lenard Kmnaoverall second and carrier of blue jersey,

At the time the breakaway was formed, the leader knew himself with five and a half minutes ahead of Baumann, who was the best in the standings. The substantial benefit added in the presence of its theoretical leader, Molema, would have acted as an analgesic. Gregory Rasto You adriano buffy, at the wheel of Trek Segafredo Cars. They could have secured the second with Pink and sent for the win with a winner of the Giro de Lombarda, who, before neutralizing, when they asked him about his options, lost a half. Smile left who said it all.

attempt to form

Molema’s companions were from the shaft Vout Poles (Bahrain Victorious), Formolo and Dumoulin, in addition to David Villela (cofidis), Diego Camargo (education first). Ahead, 24 km to Monte Sirino, first class, at an average gradient of 3.8%, with cameras focused on the winner of the 2017 Giro, no matter the clothing, to focus on his new tasks Had to. Once the 922-metre drop was overcome and the chapel of Maria Santissima della Neve was crowned, two more difficulties awaited.

The much sought-after Monte Grande di Viziano, 9.1% along 6.6 km, lost the line to Villela in its descent. Expectations were low from La Celata, on top of third, but on its ramp, 28 km from the finish line, Formolo tested it for the first time against Dumoulin and Mollema. A few meters ahead, though few would have noticed at the time, Baumann also dared to show off his pedal stroke.

There was no fight between the favorites behind and three or four minutes into that deficit, the peloton was letting go. On the streets of Potenza, with a cunning man like Molema, Jumbo’s superior manpower mattered little. However, Baumann was aware of Dumoulin’s weakness, which began to give way with 10 km. Nor was Molema’s attempt successful, no matter how long he waited for his turn, crossing his eyes. This time the strongest Dutchman was named Baumann.

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