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Getafe, the happy place of Quique Snchez Flores | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Getafe, the happy place of Quique Snchez Flores |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Getafe – Real Madrid (2:00 p.m.)

The technician fulfills his third stage in a team that has been resurrected under the protection of a peculiar personality. Today he receives the leader

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In February 2015, the departure of the Croatian of Brazilian origin Jorge Sammir caused the resignation of Quique Sanchez Flores as coach of Getafe. It was his second stage after that successful 2004-2005 and he had barely been in office for two months after replacing Cosmin Contra, but the Madrid technician did not think twice. “It is the fruit of a vital reflection. I do not want to repeat situations that did not make me happy,” he declared in his goodbye.

Six years later, the paths of Quique and Getafe have crossed again. Again in an emergency situation and again sitting on a hot bench after the dismissal of Michel. So far, almost three months have passed and the technician is still in the Coliseum locker room. Getafe has come out of relegation and has not lost in the league since November 7 against Villarreal, one of the two defeats that the Azuln team has suffered in the domestic championship since he changed coach.

That vital reflection that Quique explained in 2015 is understood from the vision of someone who has accumulated 12 experiences on the bench in just 17 years. But Getafe is one of its vital kryptonites, one of the two teams in which it has been able to repeat … And in that case after having a bad time. The other was Watford, whom he led to the FA Cup semi-finals in 2016. On his trip, Valencia, Benfica, Atltico, Al-Ahli and Al-Ain in the Emirates, Espanyol, Shanghai …

Those who have agreed with him speak of an overwhelming personality, remarkable goodness, and a character as calm as he is indomitable. The call of Angel Torres In early October, he was brought out of a strike that had taken him nearly two full years after being fired at Watford. The air bridge between the English city and the capital was activated again.

“We are a single mind that we are all,” he declared after the agonizing victory against Osasuna that left Getafe out of relegation at Christmas. “I am a minimal part of this project, we are breaking down small barriers that make us more free, expert and daring,” he declared, before reflecting again on the vital moment of the club and the country: “Taking care of ourselves a lot, asking for little and being able to enjoy. They are family days. I only ask that, good health. “

The reality is that the arrival of Quique has reactivated a sleeping Getafe. With Michel, the Madrid players added seven defeats in the first seven games and a draw on matchday 8, the last of the former Madrid footballer. S├ínchez Flores, another ex-Madridista, arrived and those from the south of Madrid already added 15 points. An explosion of attitude, more than talent, and of heart, more than head. That character necessary to maintain the category was demonstrated by the coach when he was sent off against Athletic, on December 7. Figueroa vzquez He assured that he expelled him for addressing the fourth referee “in an exalted manner” and “loudly”. According to Quique, “I made a quick comment, something like ‘here and there no’ and the second they said ‘expelled’. I must calm my anger, I regret it, but I think it was unfair.” Getafe, with the spark of their leader, ended up achieving a point in that meeting.

The squad, which has already become accustomed to Quique’s three-center system, is to death with their coach and his eternally thoughtful speeches: “The mood is different and they have gained in confidence. And it is interesting to see how a team It can transform a negative energy into a positive one, how horizons can be changed, how a group is transformed when facing a sport … “, considered the technician this week. And against Madrid? Everything simpler: “Have a good day and good luck.”

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