Get the Dressel festival started with momentum

Despite seeking Max Chalmers and winning by six cents, the American secured his first individual gold in the Queen’s Test, the 100 freestyle. Finished at 47.02, fastest 100 in games

Dressel, after his victory in the 100 free.Antonio BronikReuters

the festival begins dresselAfter Simone’s emotional breakdown, the star that Tokyo awaits biles. In the back rooms of the champions there are dark rooms, from which it is sometimes necessary to go without medals. Life waits, long life. The American swimmer, on the other hand, seeks a place in the Olympic sun, the same gymnast found in the RO. Where Biles is going comes from. In her first individual performance, the 100 free, queen of speed, she climbed the first step and, perhaps, the most important. six hundredth, which separated him Kyle Chalmers, they deserve glory caleb, Biblical Champion of the Games.

He had come into the final after the first gold in the 4×100 relay and had missed the 4×200 the previous day. The Test of 100 proved him right, as the Australian’s ability impressed him greatly. Dressel needed all his energy, all the reserves. Chalmers was better in the last 50, but not enough to cover the distance the American traveled after his departure from Poets. There was thunder.

I finished in 47.02, with a block of 47 seconds to go. The world record (46.91) dates from the era of polyurethane swimsuits, which offer an advantage due to their low resistance to water, achieved by Brazil. Caesar HeavenAt the 2009 World Cup in Rome, however, no one has swam as fast as the Dressel in some sports, and this speaks of tremendous value, as it is one of the benchmark tests on the Olympic scene.

100 Free has already given out a sample of the competition that Dressel is going to explore in Tokyo. He will not be like the man who aspires to be, Michael Phelps, Although not with the same vintage as metals. A tremendous 100 butterfly awaits him, although this is the test where he holds the world record, the only one able to snatch Phelps, and the same can be said for the free 50, despite his excellent sprinting conditions. Is. The festival continues.

Nesty’s discussion

The men’s 800 brought a surprise of the day with the victory of a new test in the Olympic programme, as until now it was only played at the World Cup Bobby Finke, at a sprinter’s pace in the last 50, which he did in 26.4 seconds, despite being one of two long-distance events. The 21-year-old American’s finish was of enormous power to set a new record for his country (7:41.87).

Finke did not appear as contenders in the series, but deep down, stuntmen are in danger if a high-end swimmer is left with options. It is clean Katie Ledecky And so it turns out like a shot. An old acquaintance exploded in the stands of the Aquatic Center, Anthony Nesty, the first black champion of Olympic swimming, gold in the 100 butterfly in Sail 1988, where he defeated a legend, Matt Biondi, and bronze at Barcelona, ​​four years later, in the same Test. He is their current coach.

Unlike Finke, he attempted to define the 200 breaststroke test in his Dutch debut. arno cuminga. With a start of up to two seconds in the first 100 of the world record, he fell and the victory was for the Australian. Isaac Stubbleti-Cook (2: 06.38).

Instead, he did, and successfully, sugar yufei zhang, who was looking for a brand, not just gold. I didn’t hesitate even though I tried to start hard. He failed to break the world record, but he achieved the Olympics and his third best score ever (2:03.86). So far, the best day ever seen in relation to the aquatic center, although Tokyo is contesting the world record. South Africa Tatjana Sconemaker It is within reach in 200 breaststrokes. I play it in series and semi-finals. We will see in the final. The era of polyurethane swimsuits left a heavy legacy. The record that Dressel could not play with is an example.