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Gerard Deulofeu: “My wife has to be very strong for my job”

Today’s benchmark for Serie A Udinese, a former Barcelona player has become a star in Italy

Gerard Deulofeu during a match with Udinese.World

13 Spanish football players navigate through the channel of Serie A which starts today. One of them dazzles in Udine and appears even more dazzling since the little girl entered the world on July 21 India, the third of the saga. It is Gérard Deulofeu (Reuderains, 1994), who just three months earlier had finished the most spectacular season of his career with 13 goals and five assists. “India is very well behaved; she is as cool as her mother,” he jokes over the phone with EL Mundo, days before its premiere at the San Siro, against champions Milan, whose colors he played for five years. defended earlier.

Can you imagine being 28 years old with three kids and one of the stars of Serie A?
With three kids I couldn’t imagine, that’s for sure [risas], For all the years I’ve been in Barcelona, ​​and for all my trajectories, from what I could understand, my career was going to be important. I’ve always had a lot of confidence in myself and I think this year has been incredible, not only in goals and results, but in everything I’ve contributed to the team. I could say I expected it because of how much confidence I have in myself and my football. And, at the same time, I do all I can to prepare to get there.
Has the arrival of a newborn affected you on a daily basis?
Luckily I have some emotion and an organization in my home where everything is very aligned. Food, rest, training… A complete emotional system is essential to take this pack to the weekend game. I have a lady who helps me a lot with my kids and that’s very important. We have that professional aspect where we spend many hours on weekends to concentrate all and for that your wife has to be very strong. I have made a pact with me to be able to use those hours at work and give it to prepare for the game. The birth of my daughter Bharat is a matter of great happiness for all.

According to data from artificial intelligence company Olosip, Gerard was the MVP in Italy last season. ,I’m a statistics nut and I know about it. It seemed incredible to me because I help the team with a lot of goals and assists, but also help keep the team in rival territory., It makes me feel good because it means I know what the game requires. That’s why many teams watch him out of the corner of their eyes, before a summer market with only a few episodes left. Its value, according to the exclusive website Transfermark, is 15 million euros. There are people who think that for something else, that scene may change. However, he only thinks of growing up in Udinese. “I have two years left on my contract and I am very happy to be here in Udine, with a family that is very happy and organized. I hope to improve with the team and instill in the youth the feeling that every match can be won. Is. There is lot of scope for improvement. We are a very talented team, we just have to demand more from the boys so that they believe in it and know that it can be done.“Words bearing the imprint of someone who has stepped into the locker room.

Deulofeu and his Udinese begin the journey in the San Siro and, logically, whisper the past. “I remember that field very well and I’m very grateful for that time. They’ve gone through some great years, but they’ve had a rough patch. They’re a unit and an incredible team and so many people.” who want good things to happen in Milan”.

Is Italian football behind English or Spanish?
I think Serie A is different from the Premier and Spanish leagues. Italy’s teams are not playing a big role in terms of results and titles. And although they did not reach the World Cup, only a year ago they won the European Championship. Football is very even and I would say the game in Italy is a bit more defensive.

she has a best friend in italy Patrick, Lazio’s central defender and teammate in Barcelona’s lower tiers. had a good relationship with them too Paul Marikwho returned to the armory, and with injuryUntouchable, back in Atletico and in the Spanish team. Definitely set for the World Cup in Qatar. An appointment that, even when difficult, doesn’t see it as a utopia. ,If there is even the slightest option left, I will fight. I want to keep this position in my team, continue to contribute and do my best, If it works with my team, then there will be a call for the national team, which is the biggest pride. i’m glad that luis enrique Be the coach, he has built a group with a great future and tremendous projection”.

This serie A. Asi contains the story of Deulofu, one of the 13 Spaniards. fabian ruizzo, luis alberto, brahim diazooPatrick, gonzalo villari, Pedro, Raul Moros, save ferrer, Paul Rodriguez, gerard yes, Mario Gila You Joan Gonzalez, Gerard’s is one of the attractions in the Scudetto that begins today.

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