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Geddes’ transfer to Wolverhampton tests Peter Lim’s project with Gattuso: Italian seeks reinforcements

The Portuguese leaves for 30 million and revives a market that the coach calls to activate “to make the team complete”. Sileson’s goodbye allows Lino and Castilejo to sign up and Fenerbahçe is negotiated for a maxi.

Geddes, after scoring a goal last season.EFE

gonalo gedes he’s going to be a player wolverhampton in the next few hours. Valencia has accepted the sale of the Portuguese for more than 30 million euros in five variables whose destination will reveal what their intentions are. Peter Lim with the project he has entrusted to Genaros gattuso, Although the amount was agreed upon – and negotiated by George Mendes Due to their close ties with the owners – they do not allow the club to recover all the investment in a footballer for which they paid PSG 40 million in the summer of 2018, they are the levers that allow Valencia to activate the market. were necessary to do. Or at least that’s what the Italian coach hopes.

With some accounts showing a loss of 50 million on 30 June and a staff cost exceeded, the club has activated all sales at the end of the championship, but market paralysis means that until this week. No proposal has come into force. The first is that Jasper Sileson, who is leaving for NEC Nijmegen in the Netherlands after losing his initial job due to injuries, which has caused me to play only 57 games in three seasons. Their goodbye leaves no income (an accounting exchange operation with NATO costs $30 million) but relieves the pay block and allows registration of only two reinforcements: castillejofree and Samuel LinoOn loan from Atletico.

The income reporting exit is from Guedes. Despite the fact that the pending amortization is 20 million, the club accepted the English offer because, in addition, it exempts him from sharing profits with PSG. Now the question is, what does Peter Lim want to do with that income? The coach’s message is very clear: “I have no promises but the club knows very well that we have to complete the team. I hope we are going to make two or three players.” That’s what the Italian expects, a speech reminiscent of other coaches in previous courses.

The problem for Valencia is how to invest if they can’t afford transfers or a higher salary. In fact, tries to sell the club as well. maxi gomez for a figure close to its pending amortization (18 million) and negotiates with fenerbash Turkey has come close to that figure. Uruguay will drop in income and more margin fair play, But the limits are clear.

List of bald and Cavani

Gattuso sighs arthur meloHowever, he admits that his salary for this Valencia is “prohibitive”. A midfielder is what the coach wants, anticipating a possible last-minute move with Carlos Soler in the spotlight, but the sale of Geddes and talks for a maxi return their sights with the names of free footballers. caita baldo or Uruguay Addison CavaniVillarreal also wanted and who have left Boca Juniors to try to play in LaLiga.

However, the move will depend on what Peter Lim’s plans are. The tycoon would have to find a formula to cover the loss of the past year and his order was to tighten his back. with that mandate they lead lehun-chan You Shaun Bai market operation. As for the coach, as he confessed in his presentation, no one told him that there was an obligation to “sell Geddes, Soler and Gaye”, but the Portuguese are already out and then, they need more. There doesn’t appear to be a problem for reinforcement. ,

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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