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Gavi’s blessing and problem: “If necessary, we will put money together” | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Gavi's blessing and problem:

Bara has not yet completed the renovation of its young star, which charges 100,000 euros and has a termination clause of 50 million.

Gavi, during a match with Bara.CRISTINA QUICLERAFP
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The Barcelona closes 2021 with a thousand disappointments and an illusion … but what an illusion. The fantastic irruption of Gavi, Pablo Pez Gaviria, a very young footballer who won’t come of age until August 5 of the coming year, it can be compared without problems with the one that shot last season to another young promise that right now is a reality and another pillar on which the club hopes to build its future: Pedri. The canary was last year one of the players most used by the then technician, Ronald Koeman, and his emergence led him to be a protagonist also in the Eurocup and the Olympic games. Something that, on a physical level, still takes its toll today. The Sevillian, meanwhile, is not lagging behind. Luis Enrique He detected as soon as he appeared that he was facing an enormous talent and he opened the door of the senior team wide for him. Gavi, as he has been doing throughout the course, responded with a poise unfit for his age.

Last weekend, his goal at Elche It was his definitive consecration for a Camp Nou in need of new idols after the club’s more than battered economy ended up causing the unexpected and, above all, traumatic departure of Leo Messi. The action of both the youth squad gave glimpses of those plays that, precisely, the Argentine star used to star.

All of this has led to Xavi to declare Gavi again and again essential for his future plans. And in that message is an unavoidable task for Laporta: we must ensure its continuity. At all costs. Your termination clause, currently encrypted in 50 million, and the modest token that he perceives, some 100,000 euros per year, make him a very appealing footballer and, this is the serious thing, acceptable for the big European clubs. The Chelsea It is already on the prowl, and although negotiations have begun, the urgency is clear.

Xavi’s defense

You have to renew it now. If necessary, we will put money together, because it is spectacular. We cannot lose these types of footballers, neither Gavi nor Nico nor Abde nor Ansu nor Pedri nor Araujo. They have to be the basis of the future and the present of the club. I also understand that the club is working, and very well, in its renewal, assured the current Barça coach in the hours before the duel against Sevilla on Tuesday.

In the Sanchez-Pizjun, the Sevilla defenders already gave him star treatment, with a marking sometimes on the verge of regulation. In all, Gavi suffered seven fouls. A whole record. No one this season had suffered so much punishment. Only one of these actions was worthy of a yellow card for the referee of the match, From Cerro Grande. However, his attempt to finish off a ball in which he ended up hitting the foot of an opponent was very expensive: a card that prevented him from playing against him. Majorca, next January 2, due to the accumulation of warnings.

Around Gavi there are already a good number of anecdotes and curiosities. For example, your bib. The 30 that he has worn so far is the same one that Leo Messi wore in his first appearances with the first team and, in fact, it is also the one that he has now in the elastic band. PSG.

Number, residence, agents …

As of January, on the other hand, it will have to be another if, according to the club’s plan, it is processed first team card. In this sense, it will be necessary to see which one he chooses. On the 19th, the one that the Argentine star also wore before taking the 10, is now free, following the retirement of one of his best friends, the Kun Agero. Another curiosity is that, in your case, it can be strictly ensured that it is a product of The farmhouse, despite the fact that he joined Barcelona’s base football in 2015. coming from Betis, because it is in the new Masia, next to the sports city Joan gamper, where he has an established residence.

Another detail that, for those who believe in the destination, gives clues that Gavi has crack wood is that one of the owners of the agency that directs their destinations is Ivn de la Pea, a player who, despite his enormous talent, did not manage to gain a foothold in the ranks of Bara and who, on the other hand, was a pillar for his great citizen rival, the Spanish.

Among Gavi’s manas, finally, there is one that makes more than one nervous even inside the locker room: to end up playing with the untied shoelaces. The tension, they say, leads him not to tighten them as much as he should, although they add that there is also a lot of superstition in it. Therefore, it is not unusual to see another of the young stars, Nico, who is a very good friend of yours, take care of them. It is not a question of a silly stumbling block frustrating any move worth saving in the video library.

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