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Gattuso’s stick to dispel Valencia’s “fears”: more balls, big data and talks “in the face”

Italian debut at Mestalla in Orange Trophy against Atlanta to light a team game with only two reinforcements and without closing the sale

Gattuso instructs in the pre-season match against Salzburg.M / s

Gennaro Gattuso All week long chewing on the challenge that awaits him tonight mestala: teach your new Valencia Against Atalanta in the Orange Trophy. This will be the first time he has been sitting on the bench and, despite the ups and downs of the preseason and a market that is not heating up, he intends to make a change in the style of a team that has hardly changed names, is appreciated. As if he touched her with a stick, he pretends that no one sees his Valencia and Gattuso as a player, except for one thing: demand, intensity and confidence.

This is not easy to achieve in a team that has barely gotten reinforcements and has put the season on hold. This was expressed orally by only one of the two incorporations, samu castillejo: When Master arrived, he found a team that was too afraid to play. The priority was to restore the player’s confidence, drive away five defenders and lead 4-3-3, starting the game from behind, capturing wings and speed as weapons of attack. All without stopping to look at the thousands of data it collects even with drones in training. Each player’s test is continuous, shared and creative. Always in the face, he slips through the locker room, where he lands on the right foot. His voice has not been heard in public since June 9.

Since then till now the difficulties they are facing are the same and the silence about the market has stopped. The club has only been able to reinvent itself with Castilejo, whom Gattuso was already in Milan and who comes in for free, and the Brazilian. Samuel Lino, on loan from Atletico. The Italian yearns for the transfer of former Barcelona player Arthur Melo, but despite direct calls to the player, the deal is delayed, moreover, before he has to make up the economic difference. Valencia can’t register players, not even renewals mamardashvili If you don’t light up your blueprint first. Goalkeeper’s first exit Jasper Sileson, although he goes to the Netherlands leaving barely a million in the box, saving his file allows him to register two reinforcements already. The club also intends to seek accommodation. maxi gomez Oye Marcos Andre To create space among the non-community.

With Gaydes, Solar But Without Gay

Of the three players willing to part ways with Peter Lim, gedes, Solar and Gay, no one is left… for the time being. And it’s a relief. The Portuguese continued to shine in the preseason but neither club has offered enough (20% of transfers will go to PSG). Lim leaves that operation in the hands of George Mendes till the last second. The club ended the year with a 50 million loss which the largest shareholder does not want to cover and relies on the efforts of his friend. In the case of usually do, values ​​the role that Gattuso gives him and patiently waits six months to be a free agent. In the case of Gay there has been no clear proposal and no concerted efforts for renewal. The captain is now more aware that the court of arbitration for the game has given him an injunction of the four-game sanction imposed on him for evaluating an arbitration last season and which would prevent him from playing until 10 September.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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