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Garbie teaches a lesson to Kontaveit and is consecrated as the first great Spanish teacher

Garbie teaches a lesson to Kontaveit and is consecrated as the first great Spanish teacher

He beat Anett Kontaveit 6-3 and 7-5 to add the Masters to Roland Garros and Wimbledon, in the tenth title of his career

Garbie, after the last point of the match.HENRY ROMEROReuters

It happened in Guadalajara, Mexico, at an altitude of 1,566 meters. There, after another magnificent performance, Garbie muguruza was consecrated as the first teacher of Spanish tennis. Four years after winning her second Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, five years after her victory at Roland Garros, Caracas adjusted her cap to win the WTA Finals, in the 50th edition of the tournament that now brings together the eight best players of the season. As she herself said after winning in the semifinals to Paula Badosa, this competition has the aroma of the greats, and this is how a thoroughbred like her competed, who has not lost the instinct that characterized her in the greatest challenges. They beat Anett Kontveit 6-3, 7-5, in one hour and 38 minutes, bravely overcoming the Estonian’s hint of reaction in the second set.

Arantxa Snchez Vicario stayed in the attempt in the 1993 final, beaten in four sets by Steffi graf. In a completely different era in the atomized women’s tennis, whose global stature does not stop growing, Muguruza, 28, vindicates herself against the push of rivals with an enormous degree of training. These are not just intrepid phenomena like Emma raducanu, winner of the United States Open with 18 years, but of women with late explosions, like her opponent in the final or Badosa herself, already fully incorporated into the ruling class.

Suffocated at the start by a Garbie who maintained the momentum of their semifinal encounter, Kontaveit committed three double faults in the first two service turns, and gave it up in the third game. Open field for the Venezuelan-Spanish, who had two balls to reach 3-1, but missed the net and chose the wrong direction until she gave up her advantage. The party was born in a frenzy, with both protagonists exposing from the background. It was their third match in 25 days. The Estonian had rolled into the quarterfinals of the Moscow tournament, immersed in the successful sequence that has allowed her to win 29 of her last 32 matches. Muguruza won their recent duel in the group stage of this tournament, last Sunday, and dominated the head-to-head aggregate 3-2.

A luxury balloon

The former world No. 1 was effective with kickoffs, which is crucial on these types of surfaces. His success in the rest generated many doubts in a notable server like Kontaveit, who gave up his service up to three times in the first set, the scam of them to deliver the partial after an exquisite balloon from Garbie.

The champion this year in the WTA 1000 in Dubai and the WTA 500 in Chicago saved the first delicate trance of the night, when the Tallinn had two break balls in the third game of the second set, after a fall from the Spanish. in a lateral displacement, which had no major consequences. Kontaveit was sustained by disorderly impulses, in front of Garbie’s stability, precise, aggressive, constant, a dog at the time of serving.

He had the key to the final in the sixth game, but did not convert the ball from break And, seized with anxiety, he gave up his next. The Estonian was one step away from leveling the game, but her reaction was still somewhat artificial. It was based more on one of the few lapses of his rival than on his own tennis, which continued in bursts, protected by the courage of a survivor. Garbie returned immediately, after being 5-3 down they have four consecutive games. He dropped to the concrete when he saw Kontaveit’s last backhand crash into the net, before he was ready to mount a pineapple with Conchita Martinez, his coach, and his entire group. Close year number three in the world. Garbie is back. In a big way. Masterly.

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