Home Sport Garbie, Sandra Snchez, Putellas: a year written in feminine plural

Garbie, Sandra Snchez, Putellas: a year written in feminine plural

Garbie, Sandra Snchez, Putellas: a year written in feminine plural

The best moments of Spanish sport of 2021, both in the Olympic Games and in tournaments, were signed by women

Garbie Muguruza celebrates a victory.REUTERS

The sport in 2021 has had a woman’s name in Spain. From Laia Sanz to Alexia Putellas, through Sandra Snchez, Ana Peleteiro or Garbie Muguruza, Spanish athletes have shone in their disciplines and have achieved triumphs that have hidden some other shadow that has also emerged in the universe of women’s sports.

The Golden Ball by Alexia Putellas has been the last great recognition. The Barcelona player became, on November 29 in Paris, the heir to Luis Surez, the only Spanish footballer who had won that award, in 1960. In 61 years, no one had achieved it and the Catalan not only is a pioneer among the Spanish women, but is among the five players who have this trophy whose female version only dates from 2018.

The success of Putellas, who prevailed over her teammates Sandra paos, Jennifer Hermoso and Lieke Martens, is a consequence of his talent and the overwhelming dominance of his team. FC Barcelona won its first Champions League in 2021, against Chelsea, a deposit in the Iberdrola League and monopolized all the awards granted by UEFA, an organization that named Putellas herself best player and best midfielder, Paos best goalkeeper and Irene Paredes and Jennifer Hermoso, the best defense and forward, respectively.

Alexia Putellas has made Spanish women’s football resonate throughout the world, although there is still no agreement to fulfill the legislative mandate that the Spanish competition acquire the status of professional competition.

But 2021 has brought much more. It started with Laia Sanz completing her last Dakar Rally on two wheels. On the back of her motorcycle, and after overcoming an illness that put her participation in question, she ended up in a creditable 17th place and, as always, as the first woman. The Catalan also broke a record: finishing all her participations in this tough rally. Eleven consecutive times he has participated and finished all editions, something that Spanish legends of the Dakar such as Marc Coma or Nani Rome. By 2022, the challenge of Laia sanz It is the jump to the four wheels. Your traveling companion on the dirt roads will be a Mini.


Summer brought the Tokyo Games, postponed a year by Covid-19, and the medals. Of the 17 achieved by the athletes covered by the Spanish Olympic Committee, six were achieved by women. Of the three golds, two were hung by Ftima Glvez, in shooting, and Sandra Snchez in the kata modality (the premiere of krate in some Games). In the temple of this sport, the Castilian-La Mancha was established as the best karate fighter in history. He has competed since he was four years old, has never been off the podium in an international event since 2014, has accumulated six European championships and has been at the forefront of the world ranking for five years. This gold brought him to the fore, but his career in this sport was already shining.

The Spanish women’s podium in Tokyo was completed, in the second step, by the silver medals of the young taekwondo player. Adriana Cerezo, who at only 17 years old was about to be proclaimed Olympic champion, and the veteran canoeist Maialen Chourraut, runner-up in slalom K-1, whose relay has been taken by Teresa Portela, who also returned with a medal. By teams, the representatives of the women’s water polo team gave a lesson in courage and improvement, but they could not defeat the United States and were one step away from closing the circle of their palmars with an Olympic gold to add it to the titles already achieved. in the European and the World Cup.


On the third step, the glory went to an athlete, the only one to hang a medal at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The Galician tripler Ana Peleteiro had to beat the Spanish record twice to get rid of the Jamaican Rickets, which could not reach its 14.87 meters. The Spanish jumper could not get close to her friend and training partner, the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, who broke the world record, and neither did the Portuguese Patricia Mamona, but she fulfilled her dream of returning with a medal. Spanish athletics had a woman’s name at the Tokyo 2020 Games and, in addition, that of a woman who has publicly stood against the inequality and discrimination promoted by some political parties.

The last milestone of Spanish women’s sport marked it in November by Garbie Muguruza. The tennis player was proclaimed the winner of the WTA Finals, the former Masters that each year face the eight best players in the world, and placed number three in the ranking. Never had a Spanish woman obtained this title and only Arantxa Snchez Vicario He was able to play it until the final, in which he fell against Steffi Graf. It was in 1993, just the year in which Muguruza was born, which is already the best Spanish tennis player of the moment after adding this title of great teacher to those achieved at Roland Garros and Wimbledon in previous years.

Without being able to get on the podium, 2021 was closed by the girls of the Spanish handball team, fourth in the World Cup held in recent weeks in Spain. The Warriors could not close their participation with the bronze medal award because they fell to Denmark, but they showed that there is a solid and very young base, with players with a lot of personality under 24 years of age, which will allow them to fight for positions of honor. at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Reference from elmundo