Home Sport From the conviction of Garbie Muguruza to the anxiety of Paula Badosa

From the conviction of Garbie Muguruza to the anxiety of Paula Badosa

From the conviction of Garbie Muguruza to the anxiety of Paula Badosa

The Spanish-Venezuelan, number 3 in the world as of Monday, celebrates the move to the final of the WTA Finals: “It was my best match here.”

Garbie Muguruza, after the semifinal against Badosa.EFE
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In her fourth appearance in the tournament that brings together the eight best players in the world, where she was already a semifinalist in 2015, Garbie muguruza, which on Monday rose to number three in the world regardless of its result in the final, made an excellent game, from 81% of points won with the first service. It is the best game, by far, that I have played here in Guadalajara. I already feel like a finalist because I just got it, but it was very difficult. We have never faced each other and that adds an extra nervousness, said the winner.

I put this tournament at the same level as a Grand Slam because there are eight players and each match is like a final. It’s a job I’ve done for a long time and you don’t know when you can get a tournament like this. Now I’m in a good position to strike the final blow and go home with a super season, he analyzed.

Paula Badosa laments during the match against Garbie.AFP

The winner of two greats analyzed her evolution in the tournament. Now I feel more prepared to know how to handle myself better. Today [por el martes] Yes I have played very well, I have progressed little by little and I suffered in the first matches to have a better feeling today. I have been restrained out of respect for Paula and because it did not seem appropriate to celebrate it.

“Anxiety has gotten me”

His performance contrasted with the disappointing encounter of Badosa. Honestly I have not enjoyed anything. The situation has not been pleasant for me. I have been blocked, I simply have not been able to compete. She has done things very well, but I have not been up to the task, the Catalan lamented. Yes, my anxiety has gotten the better of me and I have had a hard time. I felt bad because I did not want to end a year like this in a semi-final of a Masters. It has been a hard day, I have been far from my best level and from playing the game I wanted. All congratulations to Garbie on his great match. I hope I win the tournament, he added.

This Masters has made me believe that I can win these tournaments. Now I have to continue on the same line of growth, keep improving mentally. To be among the five best in the world I have to be with everything perfect. There will be victories and defeats but try to manage everything normally, he concluded.

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