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From Ramos to ‘Deivid’: the inheritance of the “good boy” Alaba and the nightmare of Barcelona

From Ramos to 'Deivid': the inheritance of the

The center-back, present at Bayern 2-8 against Barça and 7-0 on aggregate, has beaten the dressing room and staff in just six months.

Alaba (d.) Hugs Marcelo (i.), Yesterday in Riyadh.Pablo García / RFEF

“Hey! !Deivid! Hey!”. At Real Madrid, to Deivid They call it Deivid out of respect for the Anglo-Saxon origin of his name, not for the joke with which a friend might call Deivid David, his Spanish colleague. Not so with Praise. In the Madrid dressing room, Deivid imposes. An Austrian childhood, a decade of German righteousness, and a surprisingly quick adaptation to a new team, to a new city, new culture and new language. Everyone hallucinates with Deivid, Y DeividUndaunted, he maintains the composure that has made him one of Madrid’s sporting and spiritual leaders. Everything, in addition, with the ‘4‘of the very Sergio Ramos To the back. Almost nothing.

It is worth describing one of the scenes from yesterday’s training in Riad. After 25 minutes of session, Davide ancelottiAlways under the watchful eye of his father, he decided to end one exercise and move on to the next. That moment was taken advantage of by the majority of footballers to approach the band to drink water, except for some. Modric and Kroos conversed in the center of the field, with Carletto a few meters. He turned his gaze to the right and saw Praise waiting patient the next command. The defender had adjusted the laces of his boots and was waiting standing, hardly moving the necessary square meter, in the exact position in which he should start the exercise. Ancelotti gave him a little gesture with his arm and Deivid He nodded decisively.

His first Spanish Super Cup and the possibility of his first title as a Madrid player focus all the efforts of one of the best center-backs in the League. There is nothing else. «Real Madrid simply represents success», He acknowledged a few days ago in an interview with the German medium SZ. That’s what he was looking for when he left Bayern in Munich and he packed his bags for Madrid in a negotiation that lasted for months, always with the shadow of Ramos on the table. A very long shadow.

The shadow of Ramos

Just a year ago, the Andalusian central forced his left knee to play the semifinals of the Super Cup before him Athletic club. He was aware of the pain during the warm-up before the kickoff, but decided, and so did the coaching staff of Zidane, infiltrate to try to conquer the tournament. Madrid lost against the Basque team and Bouquets he only played four games again until the end of the season. Before him Elche in League, with Spain facing Greece and Kosovo, the three in March, and the return of the semifinals of Champions against him Chelsea. Four scarce duels in which he could not demonstrate to the upper echelons of the Bernabéu that his physique had recovered for the elite.

Doubts grew and ghosts flew. If in the negotiation for the signing of Alaba there was always the Ramos shadow, in the talks for the renewal of the captain always flew over the agreement with the austrian, closed in the month of January, precisely on the dates in which the Beds.

Advice and support to Vinicius and Jovic

The June 17, Madrid organized an event to fire Ramos. On July 21, he did the same to announce Alaba with the ‘4’ on his back. «I know what it means», Confessed the player that day. A phrase that could be empty but that has become a reality over the months. He praises some as a father would, but he is also the first to advise and praise. He does so with young people. Jokes with Camavinga before and after games in the same way that he orders him during the game, he is one of the first to go to celebrate the goals of those who need him most, such as Vinicius or Jovic at the time, and it is one of the great culprits of the enormous regularity of Militao. «That couple is turning out very well for us“Ancelotti commented yesterday, who acknowledged that he had no doubts with the former Bayern player:” None, because I know the type of professional he is and the quality he has. ”

In the same vein it was shown Toni Kroos, which summed it all up in “he’s a good boy”, something essential in a wardrobe that has put hierarchies aside. “It seems he has been here for many years,” he added. Munich is precisely the past for Kroos, Ancelotti and Alaba, a city that causes many nightmares in tonight’s rival in Riad, the Barcelona.

The Catalans have faced Bayern de Alaba five times and have only won once, just when the Austrian was not in the line-up: 3-0 in the first leg of the semifinals of Champions of 2015., when Pep Guardiola directed the Allianz Arena. Alaba was the starter in the 7-0 overall of the semis of 2013 and in the historical 2-8 of the rooms of 2020. In addition, he was already the winner, in white, of the last classic of the Camp Nou: 1-2. Today, new appointment for Deivid.

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