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From Music to TikTok: How LaLiga Works to Connect Your Kids to Football LaLiga Santander 2021

From Music to TikTok: How LaLiga Works to Connect Your Kids to Football  LaLiga Santander 2021

The ‘OhmyGol’ music festival will attract young audiences to its brand. “Football goes a long way beyond 90 minutes,” he tells EL Mundo from LaLiga.

Image of Levante – Real Madrid, on TikTok.

change of Large companies to the places where new audience it’s a great race XXI century, they suffer it Mediaare aware that they should walk towards the internet and not the kiosk, also banksChanging ATM for better online service clothing brandsFocuses more on shipping products than its store…more Footballand in particular league, navigating their day to day trying to figure out where are the youngsters who don’t watch television or go to the stadium. Answer: Amusing. twitch and tiktok on the Internet and festivals In real life they are great fishing grounds Generation Z, Video games, music and entertainment. Many don’t need anything else.

so the account of a week ago target television in TIC Toc re-broadcast Royal Society – Betis, A somewhat boring 0-0, but a duel that marked a milestone for the Spanish competition and podium. Was first match From a big league broadcast via Tiktok, where it reached 506,000 unique visitorsWhile on television it reached a 6.3% share and an average of 678,000 viewers.

“Music allows you to expand the audience”

And that’s why LaLiga has made its own concert at the end of this season,’Ohmygoal! LaLiga Music Experience‘, which on June 11 will be in the region of Spanish (RCDE Stadium) and what will happen Raw Alejandro, Bizarre, Steve Aoki, Maria Becerra, Anna Mena You Juan MagnaLeading artists of urban and electronic music with, among others league Wants to associate his name with music and entertainment. ,It’s about getting closer to the youth, Let me note our slogan: ‘This is not football, this is LaLiga’. We have long understood that football goes much beyond the 90 minutes of the weekend. Music allows you to expand fans and audiences with more diverse content on your side,” he explains to EL Mundo. Stephen IbbotsonResponsible for the franchises and licenses for LaLiga.

This approach of Spanish football to entertainment has already been followed by LaLiga with other projects, such as Brazilian reality show ‘Bravo’!’, in which the Spanish organization will seek youth promises in the South American country; Building of; construction of ‘LaLiga Twentynine‘, a new concept of sports bar; ,LaLiga Exhibition‘, a kind of touring tour where you can see what are locker rooms, press rooms or competition stadiums; or even with the LaLiga theme park project Port Aventura. Re: change or die. “With the fragmentation of the media young people are consuming entertainment very differently, that’s why we are Trying to turn football into a global entertainment“, Ibbotson details, which drew comparisons with music: “Some approach football as a leisure, others as fun and others as a passion. Those three values ​​are also of music. We were looking for years how to enter music and with what we are going to do in Barcelona, ​​we have paid for what we wanted”.

A mega-concert to end the league

area of Spanish The first will be headquarters, but will be much more than a project league It has already closed for the next three seasons, with the stadium changing in each of them. “The aim is Bringing Music and Football Fans Together and celebrate each league final with a mega-concert”, specifies ibotsonJoe refuses to ‘copy’ super bowl With a similar incident at the break of a big match like a classic. “It is practically impossible, there they have other equipment. Here we do not have time to assemble and disassemble to make a concert as in canon command. But There’s no competition beyond the US market that’s something we’re going to do We”.

Football, Music… And social media, The latter is still the best way to attract that young audience. Not only with live matches, but with Repetition of goals or best play, What used to be a Sunday summary on television is now done with instant content on mobile. Re: change or die. And LaLiga, always with some condition television rights What doesn’t allow him to share goals on his profile at the moment, works out to reach more people every day. He has the most followers on Instagram and YouTube, where he posts goals and summaries 18-24 years old, 40% of 40 million Those who follow him in the first and second’s 8 million subscribers. and in TIC TocWhere soccer content generates the most views on the entire platform in terms of sports (87 billion views), already accumulating four million followers, where again the 18-24 segment is the highest. In case you forget: change or die.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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