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From Handball to Javelin: The Powers of Arantza Moreno

The athlete, formerly a handball player, is a promising young Spanish javelin thrower, a discipline in which he specialized when his former coach Lolo García advised him that since he had “a lot of strength and a good arm he Could be a thrower.”

Arantza Moreno, during the javelin throw trial.World

FC Barcelona Athletes arantza moreno (Ermua, 1995), who was involved with handball as a child, is part of the top of the pyramid that creates great expectations at the state level in javelin throw. The strength and power of his hand while throwing the ball helped in his decision to become an athlete. Another fundamental factor in their choice was mercedes screamingA benchmark for Arantza, who holds the absolute Spanish record for the javelin with a mark of 64 metres.

expressed in confusion and confidence Lolo Garcia Feizu, her former handball coach inspired the athlete to retrieve the competitive genes she had lost during her duel in the operating room due to an appendicitis operation. ,Ermua’s coach told me: ‘Since you’re bad with handball and I’ve seen you have a good hand, we’ll try the spear to see how it goes’, And ever since I started competing in it. Plus, something I’ll never forget when he told me he couldn’t continue training so as not to hinder my progress. And it doesn’t usually happen in athletics,” Moreno insists in an interview for this newspaper.

At the age of 27, Arantza is already part of the Spanish team. go to Munich European Near Hamid Ben Dawood You Carlos TobalinaWhich will be played from 15 to 21 August. simultaneously, Currently the sixth best women’s javelin throw point is, He reached 59.69 meters in a control conducted by the RFEA in Castellón on July 11, 2018.

revival of an athlete

The athlete started taking his first steps in the world of sports at a very young age. He showed great manners both in handball and on the team in his hometown of Ermua, where he had come to play with his sisters. Look at me You Martha, as in middle-distance athletics. However, an injury complicated Arantza’s continuation in these competitions. ,I started with 600, which is now 800 meters. Actually, I was about to go to the Spanish Championships. So, in February 2009, I had an operation for appendicitis and stopped running.”, he expresses with anguish.

Although the javelin thrower was not one of Arantza’s plans, his high standard has allowed him to have great aspirations in athletics. thus, Dreams of being able to compete “in the Diamond League” (Worldwide Diamond League of Athletes) and be able to go to “an Olympic Games”,

Arantza Moreno during preparation for a test.World

“I would like to go to a mighty championship, a world championship or the Games. We were in a full European, but I haven’t managed to make that leap to the sport’s elite yet, This is any athlete’s dream. Also, it is very difficult to enter the Diamond League around the world. You have to be in a very good position in the rankings and have a very good brand,” he says enthusiastically.

example of overcoming

The athlete decided to progress in her life by moving to Bilbao, where she will graduate in occupational therapy in 2018 and compete in the best categories of her age. Combining these two routines is not easy; However, Arantza knew how to organize herself and optimize her limited time to accomplish them: “I did very well. I extended my degree for another year, so I did it in five. The last one was more turbulent with TFG, practices and others. and i shared it, I used to live in the sports house and have it at home if I wanted to train.” He is currently in Pamplona, ​​where he competes and dreams of FC Barcelona.

Emotionally conditioned by the death of his “Aita Alberto”, Moreno always tries to recreate the “good memories”. Hence, his way of escaping reality is his love for reading, riddles and of course his family. “They are the engines of my life. I’m lucky that Pamplona is an hour and twenty from my city. Likewise, I go less during the season, but when I have fewer competitions I try to go. Your support has been unconditional. He’s also taught me to enjoy and love sports“, concludes this great promise of Spanish athletics.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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