Home Sport Friday 30. Schedules and Medal Choices of Competing Spaniards

Friday 30. Schedules and Medal Choices of Competing Spaniards

 Friday 30.  Schedules and Medal Choices of Competing Spaniards

The athletics competition begins at dawn, with the 10,000 m final in the afternoon, Nicolás Garca looking for a medal in the 200 backstroke and a final in tennis against Pablo Careo Khachkov.

Nicolas Garca raises his arms after qualifying for the 200m final. Back.EFE

NS work out start attracting attention in this day of Tokyo 2020 Games. The Spaniards will step onto the Olympic Stadium’s tartan at dawn, but the medal substitutes will return to the pool, with Nicolas Garcia, and in tennis, where Asturian Cario will have the opportunity to fight to secure at least one silver.

Individual Male (00:30 hrs.): With adri arnaus You Jorge Campillo.

3,000 m Obstacles (02:30 hrs). With the participation of Fernando car, sebasti Frames and daniels Maple.

Men’s discus throw (4:20 am). Spanish representative is Lois Machel Martinez.

400 m Fence Men (04:30 hrs). With Sergio Fernandez.

100 m Women (4:40 a.m.). maribel president have spanish representation

800 m Women (04:50 hrs). With Natalia Romero.

5,000 m Women (12:00 hours). Luca Rodriguez.

Triple Jump Women (12:05 pm). Galician ana pelteiro Find a place among the best.

Women’s Shotput (12:25 PM). With Mara Belan Toimila.

Mixed 4×400 relay (1:00 PM). The Spanish team is made up of Bernata ertas, Samuel garsa, sara GalicianMILF Laura Good, July Sand and andrea gymnezzo.

Last 10,000 m. Men (1:30 p.m.). Carlos May World record holder Joshua Chepteggi will measure.

Men: Australia-Spain (03:00 hours)

Final 200m Back (03:50 hrs). with the participation of Nicolas Garcia.

200 m Behind (04:35 h) with the semifinals Africa Zamorano.

50 m Styles (12:00 hours). represent Spain lydon muozo.

4x100m relay. Styles (1:57 PM). Spain.

Laser Women (05:05 hrs): Christina Pujol.

49er Men (05:05 hrs): Diego Botany/iago lopez.

470 Men (05:10 hrs) jordi zammer/Nico Rodriguez.

470 Women (05:10 hrs): Sylvia Masso/ Patricia Cantero.

Laser Main (7:35 a.m.): Joel Rodriguez.

49er Women (7:45 a.m.): tamara Andchegoyen/Paula Barcelona.

Quarterfinal Light Heavy 75-81 kg. (06:06 hours): Ghazi Khalidov-Khatev (RUS).

Quarterfinal heavy 81-91kg. (12:54 hours): Emmanuel Reyes-Julio C. La Cruz (CUB).

Kayak-1 Semifinal (07:00 h). With david lorente.

Men (7:15 am): France-Spain.

Men’s semifinal (08:00 h): pablo cario– K Khachkov (RUS).

Female (10:00 am): L. Fernandez / E. baquerizo-Zhu / Wang (CHI).

Female (12:50 p.m.): Spain-Australia.