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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Football: Spain’s good time against Iceland

With a dynamic and vertical game, the team defeated the Nordic team (5–0) in the last friendly match before the World Cup in Qatar.

Morata celebrated his one goal against Iceland in Rijor.EFE

The truth is, it’s not customary for SpainAgainst rivals who lock themselves in, make the session as fun as this Tuesday Riazor, Iceland Playing the role that was expected of her, she barely passed midfield, but compared to the willful version of the lead, but somewhat of the lead, that she usually displays on days like this, Spain presented a good time of football. , an amusing hour and half ended with five goals as he could have finished with seven, or eight, or nine… [Narración y estadísticas: 5-0]

Indeed, beyond the numbers, the dynamic and vertical football offered by the national team is a very good sign for what is to come. All the matches that are missing in this 2022 are official. Six in the League of Nations and then the World Cup in Qatar in November. Perhaps the only thing that changed compared to the other days was success, facing the goal, but even in that case, it’s no small matter.

luis enrique transferred the whole team except Injury, and the Juventus striker responded with two goals that took his tally to 25 hits in 52 games, one of the figures later used by the chief of the coaching staff to motivate his players when none was watching. The match, it’s worth emphasizing, was a lot more fun than these events usually take against teams like Iceland, who fell behind and were able to spend an entire game watching the opponent’s field with spyglasses. Huh. Spain, the refurbished Spain, played quite well and generated many more opportunities in these events than would normally arise.

Pino’s and Olmo’s Bile

it was fun because jeremy pino And Daniel Olmo The two best news of this selection are in the sense that they are less academic than the others. While maintaining the movements that the coach asks of them, the two football players most commonly encountered are those who practice the most one after the other and, therefore, create more imbalance in the opponent. The Villarreal winger is a toothache to his entire back, and the Leipzig winger does everything with his age-inappropriate understanding. From them, and from a somewhat more fluid circulation than usual, Spain began to manufacture football and, with it, substitutes.

There was a lot of fun in the stadium with a great entrance. And then Morata’s magical minutes appeared. He scored three goals, only one, the first in the 24th minute, was canceled for offside. But later, in minute 37, a ball from gleamon (great novelty) in the center of the field, diagonally, which his teammate let go Carlos Solar, ran into Morata at the far end. With a coolness that isn’t usually spent, he cut the central guard inside, who passed, and put him through the pass before exiting runerson, A beautiful goal that got the striker on the roll. After two minutes, penalty from bajranasana Over Dani Olmo, who didn’t stop facing and facing, Morata turned it into another.

Sarabia after scoring a goal against Iceland.AFP

And meanwhile, poor Iceland just watched Spanish footballers pass the ball. The Nordic team didn’t seem to remember the all-too-hilarious team that played the European Championship in France in 2016, and that all-neutrals managed to garner a fan following. As with a lot of young players, he didn’t even set foot in the penalty area in the first half. Unai Simonwho was therefore unable to show how good he was with his feet.

As I came back from the break, the festivities continued, with a Spain open, dynamic, entertaining. a deep ball for jordi alba It ended in a cross in small field and, as everything was about to go, Yeremy Pino, who looked like the youngest son of Icelandic central defenders, finished third. From there Luis Enrique began dosing people, but the team kept up the intensity. Because even in such a friendship, the tension of the players about the proximity of the World Cup is clearly visible. They get to know each other very closely, an essential appointment for a football player, and they know all too well their passion for running past their coach when the ball is lost or a mistake is made.

So it was quite surprising to see players chasing Icelanders like wolves when there was a loss, or running as far back as they could in very few changes, always in the second half, Iceland managed to spin. fourth came in the head of Sarabia pass through Mark Alonsoand in the area next to both Ferran, and the fifth with the same hero. This was the goal result of the night in which Spain played their last friendly match of the year 2022. From now on, no matter how colorful or boring it plays, Luis Enrique’s project will be measured by results.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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