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Florentino Prez believes that the controversial audios are revenge for the Super League and threatens legal action

Florentino Prez believes that the controversial audios are revenge for the Super League and threatens legal action

The president of Real Madrid criticized Ral Gonzlez and Iker Casillas in 2006 as “the two great scams” of the white club, as published this Tuesday by ‘El Confidencial’.

Florentino Prez, in a file image.AP

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Prez, has assured that the audios unveiled this Tuesday by ‘El Confidencial’ correspond to “conversations clandestinely recorded by Jos Antonio Abelln” and that their coming to light “so many years” later is due to a revenge for being “one of the promoters of the Super League “.

“The reproduced phrases are pronounced in conversations secretly recorded by D.Jos Antonio Abelln, who has been trying to sell them for many years without success. It is surprising now that, despite the time that has elapsed, the newspaper El Confidencial collects them today, “says Prez in a statement released by Real Madrid.

In this sense, it emphasizes that it is about “loose sentences of conversations taken from the broad context in which they occur. “” Let them be played now, after so many years have passed since those conversations took place, I understand that it is due to my participation as one of the promoters of the Super League, “he assures.

“I have put the matter in the hands of my lawyers, who are studying the possible actions to exercise“, concludes the white president, hours after the aforementioned digital newspaper published some audios from 2006 in which it refers to Ral Gonzlez and Iker Casillas as” the two great scams “of Real Madrid, showing especially hard with the first.

Ral Gonzlez and Iker Casillas

Florentino Prez criticized in 2006 Ral Gonzlez and Iker Casillas as “the two big scams” of the white club, referring to the former striker, current coach of the Madrid subsidiary, as “a negative uncle who is destroying Madrid” and the exporter, who also currently works for the club, as “a puppet who does not He is tall and does not see well, “according to the online newspaper El Confidencial published on Tuesday.

“Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, he has never been. It has been the great failure we have had, what happens is that you have those who adore him, love him, talk to him and defend him so much. The big scams. The second is Ral. The two biggest Real Madrid scams are first Ral and second Casillas, “Presumably declared Prez in September 2006, a few months after leaving the club’s presidency and ending his first stage at the helm. of the same.

Reviewing the so-called ‘Galacticos’ who played at that time at Real Madrid, Prez referred to Zinedine Zidane as “a magnificent uncle”, just like David Beckham, but he was much harder on Ronaldo Nazario and, above all, Ral.

“Ronaldo is an ass, period, huh? It’s a mug and it’s over. These are all jetas. Ral is bad, he believes that Madrid is his and uses everything he has developed for his own benefit, he and his representative. The culprit that Madrid is going badly … Look, I have gone, among other things, for him. Because he, as he considers himself finished, says ‘before I’m going to finish with Madrid’. It is a negative uncle, it is destroying Madrid, the morale of the players, so that they say ‘it is Madrid that is wrong, not Ral’. It’s terrible how bad the kid is and I can’t handle that problem, “he said.

Regarding the endorsement contracts, “the top earners were Beckham and Ronaldo, 30 million a year between everything“.” Then Zidane, who won 25. And then no one. Because Figo had a watch in his village, the other one I don’t know what … We have looked for all the others. We wanted the Audi one for giving something to Ral and Figo. Ral does not sell anything, it is not a medical product, “he said.

In addition, the white president criticized, in some audios to which El Confidencial has had access, that “the players are very selfish.” “You cannot count on them at all and whoever does count on them is wrong, they leave you stranded, it’s silly. I have a horrible, horrible, horrible concept of players. Look, I have seen groups, but I have never seen one like that of footballers, “he lamented.


Regarding Casillas, and in statements supposedly dated in 2008, Prez called him “poor man.” “It does not have two fingers of forehead. I know him perfectly. It’s a very short uncle. When he gets along better or worse with his girlfriend it shows, he is absent. It is like a small child. It is a lapdog, like a puppet, a childish thing, “he said.

In this sense, he described as “something frightening” that the then Real Madrid goalkeeper, who a year ago returned to the white club to exercise representation functions, “everyone wants.”

“But of course, that is given by football. Casillas is neither tall nor does he see well. I told Gins (Carvajal, the goalkeeper’s representative): ‘Male, take him to the eye doctor, I think he can’t see well from afar.’ In the corners, anyway, I say: ‘That guy doesn’t see well from afar.’ I swear I told him, don’t think it’s a lie. For his sake and for everything, “he reiterated.