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Florentino Prez, against UEFA, Tebas and CVC: “You have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid is” | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Florentino Prez, against UEFA, Tebas and CVC:

LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

The president of the white team has reviewed the news of the club in the Members’ Assembly: “The operation with CVC was full of very serious irregularities and would have damaged our heritage.”

Florentino Prez, this morning.VICTOR LERENAEFE
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Da important for him Real Madrid during the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies of Representative Members. They must decide, among other things, the nearly 200 million expansion of the debt for the remodeling of the Santiago Bernabu to “finance works not initially included”. A summit vote that will raise project spending to 800 million euros,

But before that, the Assembly I lived a key moment with the speech of Florentino Prez, which has been silent for the past few months despite controversy over the Super league and by the agreement of theLiga with the investment fund CVC. “If we do nothing, football will die little by little,” began the president, after paying several tributes to Zidane, Ramos or Varane, in a few words that he had already pronounced during the days of the Super League’s birth. “The Super League is freedom, self-government and financial fairplay in unacceptable situations in which clubs receive money from states, an improper practice, “he declared, in a direct message to club-states such as PSG.

Despite the criticism received by Javier TebasPresident of the League, Prez once again insisted that the Super League “only develop in a way compatible with the participation of the clubs in their national tournaments.” “The main cause of young people stay away from football are unattractive parties or inconsequential, “he added, and criticized UEFA’s new idea for European football:”More inconsequential matches. A format that presents these anomalies should not continue to exist. “And in that context, according to the president of Madrid, the Superliga was born.” In April, hours before UEFA announced that model, twelve of the most important clubs in Europe announced the Super League and we established a company based in Madrid. “

According to Florentino, UEFA’s “virulent” reaction confirmed the need for European clubs to “regain freedom”. “UEFA rejected any dialogue, pressure and threatened improper sanctions, insults, anything goes … Nine of those twelve announced their departure despite the fact that they are binding agreements impossible to break, and Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus we continue“And he continued with a phrase that drew the applause of the partners:”Anyway, you have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid is. “

Months after the creation of the Super League, the leading role now is for the courts, where a new war takes place between UEFA and the clubs that created the project. “The courts have protected the Super League, forcing UEFA to withdraw the sanctions and fines. As a club, we will not give in to illegal threats“explained Florentino, who insisted on the need for a better governance structure in European football.” We have 55 federations with one vote for each one. Federations that are not even part of the European Union and with outside agents who use football for other non-sporting purposes“, the latter, again, in reference to the club-states.

La Liga and CVC: “An operation full of irregularities”

About him League agreement with CVC Fund, Prez assured that it is “a meaningless transaction for the clubs “, and criticized the ways of Javier Tebas, president of the League:” I never imagined that I would find out from the press that the League would take 11% of the television rights from us to give them to a fund for 50 years. The rights belong to the clubs, but the transfer to the League in a regime of transparency is admitted, but only for a period of 3 years “.

Is a “operation full of very serious irregularities it would have damaged our heritage, “insisted Florentino.” The CVC fund has tried to do the same with the Italian and German leagues, where they failed. And from the hand of the president of the League approached clubs in crisis by offering financing. And the contacted clubs were asked not to transfer that information to Real Madrid. “

Madrid will also meet the League in court. “The list of irregularities was staggering. Madrid’s board of directors met on August 10 and agreed to civil and criminal actions against the president of the League and against CVC. Barcelona and Athletic Club were also against the agreement. And the League and CVC announced on the fly that the terms were being modified so that they would not affect the three of us. Thebes forced a vote in the assembly on August 13 and 38 clubs voted in favor, knowing the proposal only out loud, without the details being known as of today. The three of us are challenging the Assembly and even the RFEF has opposed this operation. “

Later, Florentino appealed to the spirit of Santiago Bernabu: “It is an unaffordable operation. If in 1975, Bernabu had done something similar … Look how life has changed in 50 years. He would never have done it because of the evolution of the market. It would have been ruinous. Does anyone know how life is going to change in 50 years? We do not make mistakes of that gravity. For something they rejected this operation in Germany and Italy. “

On the turn of requests and questions and before the criticism of some partners to the Movistar broadcasts, the president assured that “I would not like to complain, but It is true that Movistar does not treat us well. We will try to communicate it to those responsible, because in Spain there are more madridistas than any other team “.

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