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Five games, 90 million: The intense final stretch that awaits Atlético to tie up with the Champions League. LaLiga Santander 2021

Five games, 90 million: The intense final stretch that awaits Atlético to tie up with the Champions League.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Rosiblancos added to that amount after reaching the quarter-finals in Europe. Your economic gear depends on that money.

Diego Pablo Simeone during training.Peter PowellEFE
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For one thing or another, Diego Pablo Simeone has got used to celebrating his birthday with a heart immersed in football. He did it as a player and took it to the extreme as a coach. If a year ago he gritted his teeth, heading for that quick final sprint that propelled him to his second league title, on Thursday, the day he turned 52 (he’s at Atletico with 41). landed), he was busy and worried about those five games. , on his way to a tenth consecutive adventure in the Champions League.

Five days of play, starting this Saturday in San Mames (9:00 p.m.), continues with the Metropolitano derby against Real Madrid (probably already champions), traveling through Elche in 2021, and two final round ends against Sevilla, at home, and Real Sociedad, who prematurely pulled them out of the Cup in January. That KO in San Sebastian is now a bad memory of a rough and windy season, where the Argentine coach experienced unknown and unusual situations with Atletico. Madrid club has important constants, sir, being one of the 32 teams to appear in the next edition of the Champions League.

Since the arrival of Simeon, it has become a custom and, also, a sole obligation, to be in the Great Continental Competition. Of course, a matter of prestige, but, above all, an economic matter. Cholo has never failed in its last nine full seasons. Nor would he have done it on his landing, if the rules had been like the current ones, where the Europa League champions get an invitation. The presence in the group stage pot ensures a significant amount which starts at 15 million. And the common thing is that that amount is increased with pleasure for virtue on the grass.

Europe Awards

This season, having reached the quarter-finals (given the eighth budget), Atlético have earned 42.3 million, to which around 20 should be added for the ‘market pool’ and around 30 for the ranking coefficient. More than 90 kg with which to maintain the salary bill of an employee which has increased over the years. If in 2011, when Simone arrived, it was worth more than $200 million, it is now $660, according to the Transfermark website.

Without those 90 million conquered Europe, and without the appearance in the next edition of the Champions League, obviously, necessary upgrades such as jan oblaky, whose contract expires in 2023 and charges a 10 million net fee, would be unforgivable. Like a continuation of some of the quoted pieces of the squad (eg Joo or Carrasco). Also the option of fishing the market for a carat option, is already complicated. louis suarez, freedom of his countrymen darwin naezywho dazzled with a goal (33) at Benfica, is worth around 70 million.

suffocate 2020

Without a Champions League appearance, the club would not be able to breathe as it has been doing all these years, they recall in the offices of the Rosiblanca unit where, not long ago, they lived days (and nights) complicated by the pandemic. Effect. It was only a matter of two years before the league was yet to restart, and Atlético were out of the Champions League spot at the time. A few months later, at the start of the 2020/21 academic year, their economy was badly injured, despite the European classification. They still remember in the club that around that time, there was a solicitation per 80 million. Gimenez from Manchester City.

On the sidelines of those five games, one visits Atlético whose offices, secretly, continue to negotiate details of the two sponsorships, which are the shirt (now Plus500) and the stadium’s ‘christening’ (ending Wanda). is). In part, this will have to do with what happens in this outcome, its weight in the club’s coffers. At the end of the 14-game league that began in February, almost on the verge of collapse. With 11 points would be enough for them to secure a passport, as they have a margin of four (and target average) over Betis. However, on the day of his 52nd birthday, Simeon didn’t stop at the two getting confused. I only thought of San Mames. Match by match, year after year.

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