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Fernando Lane applied his law in the Bay of Palmas

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‘HM Hospitals’, with Olympic champions as tactician, consolidates its leadership in the BMW ORC1 class of the Copa del Rey Mapfrey.

Part of the BMW ORC 1 class fleet in the Bay of Palma this Thursday.Mara Muia / Copa del Rey Mapfrey
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first day of final stage 40 Mapfre King Cups, disputed yesterday in the Bay of Palma, concluded with a frantic dance of the situation with leadership changes in six of the nine classes. Some of the crew who took a big lead after the first three days of racing will still be banging their heads against the mast as they find themselves low in the standings today.

The two-act competition system has been ‘particularly brutal’Soho-Caxabank Theater‘, armed by Xavier Banderas and protected by Daniel Cuevas, The undisputed hero of the preliminary stage, in which he counted all heats to victory, taking a six-point lead on the second classified and 12 points on the third, lost first place in the second heat this Thursday when he finished fifth. A partial victory in the first match was of no use to the Spanish Swan 42; The Estonian ‘Katrina II’ was more regular (2–2) and became the new leader of the class. BMW Orc 2Yes, with a single point advantage over Andalusian sailboats.

The format of the cup smiled’Magician‘, leader of the new class BMW Orc 3, ship of Federico Linares They finished the previous stage as second, nine points behind ‘Skugniza’, a gap that was reduced to a point when they entered the final stage of the regatta. On Thursday, he signed on for fourth place and a partial victory, which was enough to dislodge the Italian boat.

At the time of compensation there is only one other Spanish boat that can claim to be the leader of its class at this point in the sport. about this ‘HM Hospital‘ In BMW Orc 1,

sailboat dk 46 off Carles Rodriguez Olympic champion rides on fernando leone For strategy, a talent able to improve the crew with their decisions on each board. ‘HM Hospitals’ ends the day with a partial win and second place, results that reinforce first place: three points away’Star‘, protected by Luis Martinez Dorste, At seven, the German TP52 of ‘Red Bandit’ and, at seven and a half points, ‘Palibex‘ of crooked picchu,

in the same class, ‘year 500‘ He still doesn’t show the good feelings he left in the early days. Skipped by TP52 king philip They presented a bad card (7–13) with them falling to eighth place in the provisional classification.

Among the smallest boats in the fleet, the J80 and J70, which compete in real time because they are one-design, the Spanish are also leaders. ,dorsia cowirne‘, protected by Natalia Va-Dufresneoccupies the first place of Majorca Sotheby’s Women’s Cup After a doubling of the partial wins that were cut yesterday. For their part,’navy warden‘, commanded by Gustavo Martinez DorsteThat’s the ship now commanded by the Herbalife J70.

there was more BMW Orc 4, where no boat managed to complete the course of the first race, which meant a penalty of 8 points for the entire fleet. And in the second manga, only ‘‘black octopus’ He thoroughly read the change in route announced by the race committee, a success that deserves a lead after a terrible day for the crew.

in the subject swansthe first leader of the final chain in club swan 50 is thatA group’ of stephen heidenreichMeanwhile he’Chore-Spirit of Nerina‘ of mirko bargolinic And this ‘farstar‘ of lorenzo monzo Resist at the forefront of the class ranking ClubSwan 42 You club swan 36respectively.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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