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Felipe solves the sudoku puzzle at the Metropolitano | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Felipe solves the sudoku puzzle at the Metropolitano |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The central defender scored the winning goal on a corner kick against Osasuna who did not leave a loophole until that final play (1-0).

Felipe celebrates his goal against Osasuna.Manu FernndezAP

The head of Philip, a central that has been under suspicion for too long, was the key to open that armored gate with which Osasuna threatened the Metropolitan. In the end, Atltico resolved their doubts from set pieces, as in the old days. With a corner kick that undressed his rival, when he thought he had reached the shore. It was the only concession from the boys of Jagoba Arrasate. Enough for the rojiblancos to find a firm take-off platform.

Because in order to dismantle Osasuna, this stony Osasuna from Arrasate, a conscientiously assembled team that, moreover, enjoys far from El Sadar, it is not enough just to put an effort into it. It is not enough to wait for a childish oversight to open the door for you. Real Madrid found themselves in the Santiago Bernabu With a rock dressed in red, Atltico had to suffer in front of another one equipped in green, with the same arguments. For this reason, during the first half, Atltico barely tickled Sergio Herrera. From the beefy tip Kike garca, tireless in pressure, to the colossal central David garca, the rojiblancos had to sharpen their wits to find a corner to enter.

Of that first act, perhaps they were the centers of Beautiful mario, released by the change of system of Diego Simeone, with only two exchanges, the most reliable option of the premises. With Yannick Carrasco in offensive tasks, together with Antoine Griezmann and Angel Correa, the defender took care of the left flank. He even dared to look for surprise with a shot from the center of the field. Your left foot can be a good resource when in doubt.

The return of Llorente

However, the best red-and-white option sprang from the only adventure of Marcos Llorente placeholder image, maybe tied up in the center of the field, maybe lacking rhythm, after having been injured for more than a month. From his classic lash into space, the clearest occasion arose for Simeone’s. Griezmann, as active as before the break, ended up taking Herrera ahead in his attempt to finish on goal. For Thomas lemarAnother who was returning, climbing that fence was also impossible. That first act was a game of chess in which Jan Oblak it had to spread its tentacles to contain a furious launch from Torr.

A more impetuous Attica returned from the locker room. Nothing like speed and precision to disorganize a conscientious army so as not to take a step back, as was Osasuna’s. That’s right, despite the bros, Sergio Herrera, always well wrapped by his escort, he hardly shuddered, beyond another of those lightning actions of Marcos Llorente placeholder image, how much you have missed during your injury leave.

Crosses without finisher

Atltico got tired of centering the area and Osasuna got tired of clearing balls. Far from feeling uncomfortable, the red defenders ended up familiarizing themselves with the matter. In search of a revolution in the Metropolitan From Paul, Surez, Cunha and Kondogbia and it took the rojiblancos a while to adjust their gears. The stands shook as Carrasco pulled a devil out of his hat in the area. A jog here, a roulette there and, as always, a sea of ​​Osasunist legs. His shot whistled the post.

The Belgian will receive the honor of bouncing that late corner kick that put an end to the ardors. Like in those early days of Simeone. Felipe’s head, questioned so many times for so long, solved a sudoku puzzle that seemed impossible to decipher. A hand from Oblak certified the matter. Many times the best solution is the most unexpected.

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