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F1: Verstappen’s checkmate and Ferrari furore at Hungaroring

The Red Bull leader wins a race marked by mistakes from ‘Scuderia’, while Hamilton and Russell complete the podium, with Alonso eighth.

Verstappen leads the race at the Hungaroring on Sunday.AFP

The World Cup so far, the spirit so far, the opposition so far. Max Verstappen He goes on vacation with an 80-point advantage, an astonishing distance. It is impossible to recover against this champion, who has already won eight in 13 races. The last one, in the Hungering, exposed Ferrari, with carlos sanzo You Charles Leclerc The errors of his high command and his soldiers on foot off the podium. Second and third on the grid, fourth and sixth. straight to the chin. Checkmate for the championship.

It is the last straw in Hungary to win from tenth on the grid, destroying everything up front even after one spin. Verstappen does and it seems normal. Ferrari is suffering and its strategists seem ridiculous. From the initial choice of tyres, medium rather than soft, Sainz and Leclerc saw each other step by step. Mercedes, which was passing, went up to the podium Lewis Hamilton You George Russell, in that order. The heptacampane with a bad face on stage overtook the disciple because he had the hope that always grants Pole,

Sainz looked ready from the start, although this did not reach him in the first corner. Even his exterior would ride wildly in search of Russell, whose defense deserved a separate chapter. British could feel safe during virtual security carruled after Alexander Albin You Sebastian Vettel He scraped the asphalt from scrap metal.

Slow down in the ‘pit-stop’

Cutting four seconds off Mercedes’ answer was a thankless task for Sainz, who saw Leclerc approaching his tail. When it came time for strategy, Russell dropped his soft game on lap 16. Sainz called the move immediately, but lost in 3.7 seconds. pit stop Left everything as it is. Ferrari, as the manual instructs, put Leclerc on the asphalt.

There was no way to make enough room against Russell, but as his mechanics were more diligent, Monegasque won the position from Carlos. In those subtle details, the hopes of Madrid usually disappear, who only have to patiently arm themselves until they see their opportunity.

As the simulation pointed out, the medium tire favored the Ferrari’s speed. But very low on the asphalt at 27C, almost half of Friday’s temperatures. Leclerc stopped to nibble Russell’s back wing, a silver bone. The British did not give up on the last two threats and after an attack at the end of the straight, conceded defeat with the scent of it. Nelson Pickett Feather arton army,

power unit change

We hadn’t even reached the equator and some had already considered the trip a refinement. Its nothing. The party had just begun, for Verstappen and his very loyal Oranje army, much smaller than Austria, but deaf as ever. The combustion engine, along with a refurbished power unit including the Turbo, MGU-H and MGU-K, mad Max The dirty work had begun before the Alpines, in their wake a pair of blue snails.

When Ferrari wanted to find out, the World Cup leader was six seconds behind the head. In fact, Red Bull’s first intention was to seek from afar cut off Sainz about run lap 39 and Verstappen mounted a mid game in 2.4 seconds. He immediately called Leclerc. Why did you opt for hard compound? Only Mattia Binotto He knows.

a Xavi Marcos, the track engineer, survived a cry over the radio. And his pilot Leclerc specified this with certainty: “This tire is crap.” Although Verstappen had to recover the car after a 360 on Turn 13, the Ferrari was a bird in Verstappen’s jaw. Overtaking on lap 45, going down towards Turn 2 threw the blind for the World Cup.

No pity for anyone here and you can attest well Fernando Alonsoat the end of the eighth, forward Stephen Ocon, with whom he had a hard hookup. On lap 24, with Daniele Ricciardo as a witness, left the alpine dome with a poker face. Very frustrating, far behind in Hungaroring.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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