F1: Verstappen, hospitalized after a brutal 51G impact against security

“I hope Hamilton is very pleased with himself,” says Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Verstappen gets out of the car after a brutal impact on Copse.F1

Max Verstappen He was taken to a hospital, where he had a routine check-up after his accident during the first lap of the British GP. The Red Bull team confirmed that at the time of impact against safety, 51G had been reached. According to a simple calculation, at that moment his car went from 745 kg to about 40 tons.

after a light touch Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen’s RB16B suffered a tremendous lateral jolt at Copse Corner, where the cars are approaching around 300 km/h. The violence of the impact and the tremendous recession were, in part, a reminder of the horrors suffered by sergio prazo During the 2011 Mnaco GP.

Ian Roberts, the FIA ​​medical coordinator, was the first to go to the Dutchman. “He came out with a little help and he was, at least, exhausted. We took him to Circuit’s medical center for a general check-up,” continued the doctor, who described the blow against the wall as “quite effective.”

Outrage at Red Bull

The anger at the Red Bull team was expressed in the mouth of its boss, Christian Horner. “I have a pilot in the hospital after the 51G impact. I hope Lewis is very happy with himself,” slipped the British, with apparent indignation.

Chest injuries are common in these types of accidents, which also carry a certain risk of internal injuries. Just two weeks before the Hungarian GP, ​​any rib injury could have compromised the leader’s appearance in the eleventh race of the World Championship.

Grosjean’s 67G

Rumors grew as the afternoon progressed, and Britain’s Sky broadcaster reported that Verstappen had injured his leg. The FIA, for its part, limited itself to transferring the Dutchman to a “local hospital”, where “more investigations” would be carried out.

remember that Romain Grosjean, the protagonist of a horrific crash during the Bahrain GP last November, suffered a 67G impact in a collision with obstacles on Turn 4 in Sakhir.