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F1: Total loss for Alonso and Sainz at Imola, with a double from Red Bull

F1: Total loss for Alonso and Sainz at Imola, with a double from Red Bull

Verstappen scored his second win ahead of Preese and Norris, while Leclerc finished only sixth after a mistake in the final stage.

Sainz jumped out of the car after leaving the track in Tamburello.AP

Misfortune is ripening, already treacherous carlos sanzo You Fernando Alonso, This should not serve as an excuse against all his ills, but the misfortune reappeared, full of vileness at Imola, where the Spaniards had said goodbye at the first opportunity. Upon first arrival in Tamburello, Madrid was struck as soon as the traffic light went out Daniel Ricciardo And six laps later, the two-time world champion headed to the pits with the open belly of his alpine division. side effect of mike schumacher He had started his second retirement in four races.

When Alonso returned to the garage, his mechanics could do nothing to fix the right side of the A522, whose cover had already been blown off. The last lap was completed in 1:39, the worst time on the grid, losing place to Aston Martins and Yuki Tsunoda, Without the downforce, it was also unable to withstand Lewis Hamilton, Another disappointing farewell for Fernando, a victim of Schumacher’s over-optimism. Came with so much desire. son of casseroIn his best grid position, that even his guts cost him dearly.

In a struggle to escape the Red Lantern, he collides with Ricciardo, who sent Sainz’s career to the brink. In a rush to brake at a speed of about 300 km/h, the Australian’s excessive aggression caused the SF-75 to get stuck in the gravel, without traction in the rear wheels. Two weeks after Melbourne, Mattia Binotto Another sighed for catastrophe, while Carlos, with a heavy step, turned back to Carlos. motor home, A few meters away, in the crowded stands of Rivaza, despair was intertwined with hope.

tifosiAt that time, they still expected a lot Charles Leclerc, the great statue of the Ferrari universe. despite giving in the beginning sergio prezzi You lando norrisWas able to compete with the leader of the World Cup Max Verstappen, some time after he left safety car, McLaren was able to get rid of the young man, but the facilities would end there. In front of the wall raised by the Mexican, Leclerc’s flame was extinguished.

The price of any hesitation on that asphalt with the unseasonal rain that had been pouring in Imola since morning was very high. And the one who adapted best to this moment was Verstappen, with a huge margin. Not a single mistake had to be made in his ride to victory in such difficult conditions. Nor within Red Bull, with well-defined views in both strategy and hierarchy.

Verstappen asked for the ideal moment, but it was the President, on lap 18, who took the initiative by removing the water tires. They were immediately followed by two favorites for the title, both riding the middle rubber. And for a moment, the Mexican seemed like the victim of Leclerc’s fangs. Nothing is far from the truth as he was able to maintain a gap of two or three seconds to get out of the range of the DRS. At that point, the only news of the overtake, in the straight end, led to Tsunoda’s signing misfortune. Kevin Magnussen,

Without the necessary benefits, almost hard, Ferrari had no choice but to launch a rdago with the softest compound. With that, Leclerc scored an exciting 1:19.206. With 10 laps to go, the President was back on his radar. Driven by fans, his plethora of passions led him to disaster in the High Variety. A spin, a touch along the wall and an unusable front wing. His sixth place at the finish line, behind George Russell You Valtteri Bottas, at Autodromo Enzo y Dino Ferrari left a pronounced bitter taste. Where Red Bull celebrated its first double of the year and Norris finally gave the podium that McLaren so needed.

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