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F1: The hug with Ocon and the dart of Alonso: “Hamilton always makes the same mistakes”

F1: The hug with Ocon and the dart of Alonso:

“Congratulations to Fernando, I also owe it to him,” says the Frenchman after Alpine’s first F1 win.

Ocon’s thanks to Alonso at the Hungaroring.REUTERS

There were plenty of reasons for Alpine’s euphoria at the Hungaroring and the first to be overtaken by events was Esteban Ocon, who did not even manage to take the car to the parc fermé. The Frenchman must have run through the pit-lane before listening to the F1 microphones and meeting with Fernando Alonso, who received him with a huge hug. “Congratulations to Fernando, because I also owe the victory to him,” admitted the winner of a Hungarian GP decided by teamwork.

“It has been incredible to work with Fernando since the beginning of the season and we have formed a fantastic team. Before starting the World Cup some people told me things about him, but they were very wrong because he is a fantastic guy,” added Ocon, exulting at the work of his companion, who had slowed the thrust of Lewis hamilton for 10 exciting laps.

After a discreet start to the World Championship, Alpine finally celebrated its first victory in Formula 1, the first for the Enstone structure since the 2013 Australian GP, ​​then under the Lotus seal, and 13 years after the last of Renault in Fuji. Obviously, any other contingency was foreign to Ocon, focused on catching his breath after his race to the podium.

A simple reprimand

The error after crossing the finish line forced the French to pay a visit to the commissars, for skipping the orders to Michael Masi, race director. After an hour of deliberations, Gerd ennser, Matteo perini, Vitantonio Liuzzi Y Lajos Herczeg they settled the matter with a simple reprimand for the victor.

Any other decision would have been a catastrophe for Ocon, who led 65 of the 70 laps, while Alonso held the lead in two more. In any case, the best contribution of the two-time world champion, chosen by F1 as the best driver on Sunday, was resolved against Hamilton.

“I rode two and a half seconds faster per lap, but I always made the same mistakes in the last corners,” analyzed the Spaniard in the DAZN F1 microphones. “I knew I was not going to be able to contain him, but every lap behind me was gold in the face of victory. If I had not reached the head,” confirmed Alonso, fifth at the finish line, just behind Carlos Sainz.