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F1: The eternal challenge of Fernando Alonso, who turns 41 today: “I feel fresh and inspired”

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The two-time champion, still thirsty for victory, will celebrate with his closest friends at Hungaroring, the stage where he won his first win in 2003.

Alonso, upon his arrival at the Hungaroring on Thursday.EFE
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One of the most troubling questions because of its repetition, Fernando Alonso Since his return to F1, he has questioned his physical condition for squeezing a car weighing nearly 800 kilograms for two hours. This weekend, to face him again in the mixed field at Hungaring. Among other reasons is because the two-time world champion turns 41 today, a prohibitive age among elite athletes. What is the end of the road for the rest, however, is just one more reason for them to celebrate.

there will be a party today hospitality Alpine’s, as far as family and friends will come. Those closest will relive the memories of 24 August 2003, when Fernando signed his first victory in F1 right here. And the most optimistic would dream of a podium, given that the Spaniard is experiencing his best moment of the season, with seven consecutive races on points, including a fifth at Silverstone.

“I feel fresh and inspired, looking forward to next year,” said Alonso yesterday, who hopes to stir up his renovation in the coming weeks. in conversation with laurent rossi You Otmar Szafnauer It has an unexpected ace up its sleeve: Aston Martin’s interest, which is known as the . need to fill the vacancy of Sebastian Vettel, However, their priority remains alpine.

Another record in Singapore

“My challenge here is great. Trying to win on this comeback is not easy, because I’m not in Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, but I don’t have other challenges in my head,” Oviedo said yesterday, after ruling Valuable World Resistance to any immediate return to the Cup, the Dakar Rally or the 500 Miles of Indianapolis. At 41, he is still convinced he has said his last word in F1.

On Sunday, in the Paul Ricard, Alonso became the driver with the most gaps in history (18,672) and the following October, in Singapore, he would break the record for most races even held. Kimi Raikkonen (350). Above any stats though, he only cares about re-crossing the first checkered flag. An unattainable milestone in the 21st century for someone of his age.

Was the last one to win after quarantine Nigel Mansell, who won the 1994 Australian GP at the age of 41 years, three months and five days. More recently, only Raikkonen came close, winning the 2018 US GP at the age of 39 years and four days. In fact, none of the drivers who crossed the 300 race limit managed to climb back to the top of the podium. no legend Michael Schumacherdon’t like two champions jenson button or Raikkonen, nor always laborious rubens barrichello,

“Otherwise I won’t come back”

“I feel faster. If not, I don’t come back”, admitted Alonso after the French GP, a tremendously demanding appointment, but after which he felt ready to complete “another four more races”. did. We must not forget that in this century itself Rose of PeterAt 41 years, nine months and one day, and Schumacher himself, at 43 years, 10 months and 22 days, surpasses the longevity of the double winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Alonso’s motivation, always on the lookout for new challenges, is driven by issues that seem trivial to others, such as reaching Las Vegas in 2023 or more than a possible landing in South Africa. “I also feel refreshed to travel. I will reach Singapore on Monday because I don’t mind spending a few days there, rather I enjoy it,” he said yesterday.

Looking forward to that historic weekend in Marina Bay, Alonso’s fighting spirit will once again be evident at Hungaroring. A track that has always delighted him and where last year he was able to hold on for 10 laps Lewis Hamilton Why? Stephen Ocon Lead the Alpine to glory. In his three podiums with Ferrari (2010, 2011, 2014) we must add up the positions top ten Under worst conditions with McLaren (2015-2018).

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