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F1: The champagne for Alonso, 105 races later: “I’ve been waiting so long!”

F1: The champagne for Alonso, 105 races later:

“The team told me to take care of the tires and in the last sector I was saving half a second,” admits the Asturian after his podium in Losail.

Alonso, at the end of the Losail straight, during the Qatar GP.EFE

The control of the situation in difficult moments and the clairvoyance to interpret what was happening behind were essential to Fernando Alonso in Losail. “It was a race of thinking and we planned everything to a stop, although without really knowing what would happen with the degradation. We have run a good race and the reliability of the car has been excellent. I had been waiting for it for so long …”, commented the Asturian, in the F1 microphones, as soon as he got out of the car.

In the absence of two laps to go, Alonso sent a message openly to Karel loos, your track engineer. “Am I going to be able to do it or not?” He asked over the radio. “We should arrive well, but extreme caution with the left front tire,” replied the Hungarian. In reality, Fernando had been receiving this type of warning from the first stage of the race, as he himself later recognized. “My tires were fine, but the team told me to take care of them and in the last sector I was saving half a second,” he admitted into the DAZN microphones.

“I didn’t know if Prez was going to arrive. I was beginning to doubt, because I thought he was going to catch up with me, but they didn’t want to say anything to me because the fourth was good for the team,” he added about his duel with the Mexican, who had already surpassed him. , with noticeable ease on lap 30. “I had to leave space, but he overtook me on the outside,” he then admitted over the radio.

The scare in front of Schumacher

The prick of Valtteri BottasVictim of the degradation of his footwear, it was also a relief for the leader of Alpine. Since then, his only threat was concretized in the push of Prez, who had not hesitated to ask his engineers for explanations for his second passage through the garages. Try as he might, Checo couldn’t come back against the two-time champion, even with enough poise to overcome a scare against the Haas de Mick schumacher, which crossed his path in a very dangerous reincorporation from the pit-lane.

“We do not share the podium with just anyone, but with Lewis hamilton and Max verstappen“, Alonso summed up shortly before going up to Losail’s drawer.” He had been waiting for him for a long time and he has been begging for it. I am very grateful to all those who have trusted in it and waited so many years, “he concluded, referring to that 2014 Hungarian GP, ​​the last time he had bathed in F1 champagne. No less than 105 races since that second square in Budapest, where he shared the hymn ceremony with Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton.

This success is not only a boost for the last two events of the year, in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, but above all, a new illusion for the next season. “The 2022 World Cup offers us a good opportunity to see if things go well for us, but without this 2021 I would not have been ready. This year was part of ‘The Plan”, concluded the Oviedo.

Reference from elmundo