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F1: Sainz’s first emergency and Alonso’s radio that could turn his fortunes in Melbourne

F1: Sainz's first emergency and Alonso's radio that could turn his fortunes in Melbourne

“We have to be more perfect,” admits the Ferrari driver, who will have to close the gap with Leclerc at Imola.

Alonso, ahead of Bottas, at Albert Park on Sunday.Alpine F1

No pilot wants to attend his partner’s big party, but carlos sanzo Yesterday, I accomplished the professionalism that is in demand at the moment and with Charles Leclerc And the rest of the Ferrari team. Amid that bubbling excitement, from a contemplative background, the Madrilaneian was still turning around his fateful weekend in Melbourne. “I have to be tough on myself. I made a mistake,” he admitted bluntly, referring to the spin that cost him his first retirement after reaching the finish line after 31 consecutive races. The end of the longest streak across the grid.

Since the start of the World Cup, Sainz has spoken candidly about his suffering at the wheel of the SF-75, with which he does not cease to demonstrate the softness that earned him the nickname smooth operator, For three races he has tried to track down a car that Leclerc has already managed to extract to its full potential. After suffering heavily on soft tires in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Carlos felt more comfortable this weekend, but a series of errors started by his team on Saturday took its toll. “You have to be more perfect,” he admitted yesterday, while inside he cursed his calculation error with some tires that were too cold.

Leaving Australia empty handed is a step backwards for Sainz, who is completely oblivious to the role of the ordinary Leclerc’s square. They are more than aware of their ambition and their rejection of any conformity in the garage. Mattia Binotto, “My hope is that he returns to the top and we see a very strong Carlos, who knows how to take Charles to the limit from the next race,” the Ferrari boss said yesterday. However, it was also Binotto who questioned the Spaniard’s version of a failure in the steering wheel’s configuration that initially stuck him. If he wants to convince everyone inside, Sainz must react immediately.

the irresistible leclerc

Within two weeks, tens of thousands tifosi They will paralyze Imola, hoping that they will never wake up from this dream. Leclerc’s numbers, with 91% of the points in his locker, only faded before the full number of wins. Michael Schumacher in 2004. And not only that. their 34 point advantage George Russell They already represent a gap that no one managed during the previous championship. For a decade, no Ferrari driver had led the World Championship by a margin greater than the victory represented. and finally to go back grand chelem-with like yesterday’s Leclerc at Albert Park PoleFastest lap and victory lead from the start to the checkered flag – you have to go back to the 2010 Singapore GP. The hero of both successes was called Fernando Alonso,

Today, the reality in alpine for the two-time champion is far from ideal and the championship this weekend in Australia has an ugly start. With the breakdown of the oil control ring that caused his accident on Saturday, along with the resulting pain in his thumb, we had to add to the misfortune of a race where Alonso felt trapped without options to squeeze his car. Double disappointment seeing the improvement reported by A522 since Friday. Or triple, if we hold on to what Asturian held in his head.

Alpine’s luck could have changed on lap 24, after the accident Sebastian Vettel and the presence of safety car, Then, Alonso was running fourth with stiff tyres, while his rivals had already passed. boxes, So he saw an ideal opportunity to renew the tyres. “Negative, Fernando. Don’t go in,” he then warned her over the radio. “Okay. I guess our career ends here,” Oviedo’s man replied. “There’s still a long way to go and there will be plenty of opportunities,” he added to the wall ahead Otmar Szafnauer, Some predictions that did not materialise. “The car has been very competitive over the past two weekends and we are left blank. It’s hard to explain,” concluded the Spaniard, less than 18 points Stephen OconHis companion

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