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F1: Sainz and Alonso, in the labyrinth: why, all of a sudden, these steps backtracked?

F1: Sainz and Alonso, in the labyrinth: why, all of a sudden, these steps backtracked?

After just four races, troubles are brewing for both of them. Ferrari is increasingly sought after by Red Bull and suffers from Alpine unreliability and degradation

Sainz leaves his car on the first lap of the Emilia Romagna GP after being hit by Ricciardo.luca brunoAP

thousands ferraristas Assembled at the Collina della Passione, they were left with a desire to repeat the mass frenzy of 2006, the last time Imola had hosted, to the best of its potential, an F1 race. that he won Michael Schumacher gave way to the abandonment of yesterday carlos sanzo and for the glaring error of Charles Leclerc, But this despair did not discourage the parishioners, who crossed the limit to give rest to their idols. Or to receive his apology, that was all. Two weeks after his mistake in Melbourne, the Madrid driver could barely hide his grief.

A few minutes ago, Sainz had received motor home Ferrari’s Journey Daniel Ricciardo, Quite embarrassed by his mistake on the first lap. The McLaren driver explained, “I went up to the curb to give me some space, but I skidded and touched it. I had a low grip, though that’s no excuse. You never want to get involved in that way.” Sainz left with a zero for the second race in a row. Something strange for a pilot who makes regularity his mark. What are the reasons for this losing streak? How to stop this bleeding?

The easiest factor to explain is the relative slowness with which Carlos begins in the spring. During his first season at Ferrari he scored 20 points in the first four appointments, while the previous year, when he made his McLaren debut, the same stuff was reduced to just six. others, such as Lando Norris, His former partner in Woking suffers the opposite. After a very strong start in 2020 and 2021, the second half of the championship seemed endless for the young Briton.

binotto’s warning

Of course, the difficulty in understanding the SF-75 further exposed Sainz’s shortcomings. The Leclerc is already ahead by 48 points with a more favorable driving style for the new single-seater. Now the big challenge is to reduce that margin. And the sooner the better.

Because during the FIA’s official press conference on Saturday, Mattia Binotto He was already puzzled by some statements that did not quite fit with his usual measured tone. “Perhaps this is the first time that Carlos has a car to compete every week for privileged positions and he should get used to it,” slipped the boss. Team, ended his speech with praise for Sainz’s “intelligence and ability” to “handle that pressure”. Binotto did not explicitly reference Red Bull’s progress.

Without a powerful engine like Ferrari, the team Christian Horner In Imola, he was able to dominate, almost when he wanted. Even with their difficulties in slimming the car, still above 800 kg, Max Verstappen He was very fast on the Straits, where he barely suffered from discomfort pouring, so devastating with your opponents. this shaking of the head, which caused severe back pain and headache yesterday George Russell, Still can’t be wiped out at Ferrari. For now, Red Bull is the only one able to reduce it. thanks for the work Adrian Newly, The Best Designers of the 21st Century at the Great Circus.

no flat floor data

In two weeks, the unprecedented Miami International Autodrome will host the next fight, where Ferrari will introduce more updates to its car. However, if experience has taught us anything, it is that Maranello engineers do not stand out for their expertise when it comes to improving something that is already in the works. However if we talk about improvement or change, there is nothing like crash course Fernando Alonso in the Alpine.

Fernando Alonso in the paddock.Andre IsakovicAFP

The two-time world champion still does not know whether he will be able to save the flat floor in Florida that he had so much hoped for this weekend. Friday’s rain prevented valid conclusions from being drawn during the first free session and yesterday’s early comeback left no room for the team Otmar Szafner. We have to wait a little longer, already installed on the car with this floor Stephen Oaken, To know specific telemetry data.

Alonso, with two points in his locker, had only poor starts to the championship alongside McLaren (2015, 2017) and Minardi (2001). Therefore, although there are a lot of examples of strictly misfortune, it is better to broaden the focus to analyze what is happening. And by the way, prevent big disappointments. Because if the Alpine has been characterized by something during the past year, it is to not keep the given word.

Ocon. even with no rhythm

So far, the French team has assembled three other engines for Alonso and two for Esteban Ocon. This dangerous unreliability is only matched by AlphaTauri. From that starting point, the search for performance becomes extremely complex. And as much as Alonso has outlived his car’s pace on several occasions, the truth is that this weekend Ocon didn’t find a decent pace to keep up with Aston Martin, Haas or Alfa Romeo.

Similarly, tire wear has been more than notorious. Without moving forward, Alonso lost four places in the race for this reason. sprint, which is considered one of its specialties. anxiety in tomorrow hospitality french, from Alan Perman A bruno famine, He spoke for himself. Meanwhile, the fatigue of Oscar Piastri One seems to have reached the point of no return. As reported by Sky Sports yesterday, the promising Australian is indeed interested in Williams, where he could take the seat of Nicholas Latif.

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