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F1: Miami’s strange temptations: potholes, boats on concrete and Super Bowl atmosphere

F1: Miami's strange temptations: potholes, boats on concrete and Super Bowl atmosphere

The role of Dolphin owners was pivotal in talks with Domenicali, determined to increase F1’s relevance in the US.

Albon with Williams during the second practice session in Miami on Friday.AP

Permits had to be negotiated for months with the city, county, and Florida Department of Transportation. Had to refuse the option of Miami Beach and city streets to find a place in the Hard Rock Stadium area, where the Coliseum Carlos Alcarazu He won his first Masters 1000 title a few weeks ago tom garfinkel, CEO of Dolphins, is intent on building an artificial harbor with yachts on turquoise-tinted concrete. It was necessary to adapt to new business approaches aimed at attracting youth through social networks. There was so much more to come, that even F1 could have satisfied. But nobody. This weekend’s Miami GP is just the tip of the spear for an even bigger undertaking.

Since his appointment as F1’s commercial director in February, Brandon Snow He has had to live with the long shadow of his predecessor in office. Sean Bratches he was a great architect drive to survive, the series that brought the game’s popularity to unknown heights in the United States. However, that milestone was not enough for his mentors. stefano domenicali F1- and . CEO of greg apologies —his counterpart in the owner company, Liberty Media — chose Snow, a young executive with experience in the video game field or the NBA. And they entrusted it with one purpose above the rest: to consolidate the North American market. Next season, F1 will host three races in the United States (Austin, Miami and Las Vegas), one in Canada and one in Mexico, so Snow will have to find more sponsors for the continental tour.

For this weekend in Miami, Domenicali and Mafi had already closed more than one juicy contract with one of the leaders of the cryptocurrency sector and its appearance. Lewis Hamilton in good Morning America, one of the star programs of the ABC network. This commercial endorsement was accompanied by successful ticket sales, which sold out in just 40 minutes as it became available to fans. Criticism from Miami Gardens residents, mostly black and Latino, mattered little, as South Beach’s plush hotels did not accept another reservation. Till then Pierre GaslyAn AlphaTauri pilot admitted on Thursday that the atmosphere was Super Bowl-like.

“They looked at me like I was crazy”

After all, Hard Rock Stadium has hosted six NFL Finals due to the influence of Stephen Ross, The Dolphins’ 81-year-old billionaire owner has been trying to seduce F1 since 2017, although it was only the strange efforts of his right-hand man, Garfinkel, that led the company to success. He must have learned a lot at Chip Ganassi, one of IndyCar’s most influential teams, as Garfinkel was able to convince Liberty Media directors even with the most insane of his projects.

When they warned her about the impossibility of breeding at the Monaco Yacht Club, 15 kilometers from the coast, she didn’t even blink. “He looked at me like I was crazy. Then I painted my project on a blackboard while I told him: ‘Here I want a marina with boats. Let’s do it,'” he said during a recent interview Explained. autosport, In this way, Ross-backed subsidiary South Florida Motorsports entered into an agreement with Great Circus for the next 10 seasons.

Anyone who wants to see cars pass through that special area today, which is located between turns six and eight, will have to pay $9,500 for such a peculiar berth. A few meters ahead, on a new paved road and with little grip off the line, Charles Leclerc You Max Verstappen Under the bridges of Florida’s turnpike, faces could be seen in the delicate chicken. “It’s an extremely complex track, with lots of potholes in some areas. It’s not what we expected,” he warned on Friday. sergio prezzi,

One of these yachts is frozen on the concrete of the Miami Yacht Club.AFP

In any case, it does not appear by chance that these new directions in the highest motor category coincided with the decline of some of its historical headquarters, such as Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps or Paul Ricard. Now that exorbitant fees are paid from the Middle East, around €50 million per race, the weight of tradition matters less for Liberty Media.

And as a final example, the case of Las Vegas, a phenomenon promoted from F1 itself. More than four decades later, cars will once again roar next to the Bellagio Fountain at 340 km/h. The change in race schedule on Saturday night, with spotlights illuminating the City of Sin, will multiply the attractiveness of the long-awaited event, scheduled for November 2023.

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