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F1: Mercedes vs Red Bull: The technological keys that will solve a duel with clubs

F1: Mercedes vs Red Bull: The technological keys that will solve a duel with clubs

Doubts surrounding the W12’s rear wing and its noticeable increase in power sparked war between Wolff and Horner.

Hamilton, on Friday, during the free sessions in Losail.AFP

With three races to go before the end of the World Cup, with only 14 points ahead of Max verstappen upon Lewis hamilton, the war between Red Bull and Mercedes begins to acquire worrying shades. This started as Olympic boxing, then professional boxing and has now turned into wrestling, he proclaimed yesterday. Toto wolff during the first day of the Qatar GP. Up in the ring, stained with mud up to his eyebrows, the head of the Silver Arrows was not going to allow himself a minute of truce with Christian horner. We respect very much all that they have achieved with Hamilton. However, unlike other main team“I’m not here to go to dinner with Toto or to kiss his ass,” his Red Bull counterpart replied. Sitting in parallel before the press, less than three meters apart, the tension between the two was cut yesterday with a knife at the Losail circuit.

There are several open fronts between Red Bull and Mercedes in this final stretch of the championship, where any detail, as it was clear only six days ago in Brazil, can be final. The remarkable increase in power from the Hamilton engine, which managed to climb 25 positions at Interlagos, has been added to the fabulous performance of its rear wing. The same one Verstappen had checked, with his bare hands, last Saturday.

When a journalist asked Horner about a hypothetical protest against these irregularities, the British was most explicit: Yes, absolutely. With the straight speeds we saw in Mexico and Brazil, I think everyone could see that Interlagos was not a normal situation.

Only one DRS zone

Last Saturday, during sprint qualification, Hamilton reached 339 km / h on the finish line, while Valtteri BottasIn theory with the same means, he had to settle for 303 km / h. The abysmal difference between the two W12s has already raised suspicions in Red Bull, fearful of the impact of this aerodynamic evolution in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, the two events that close the World Championship. His performance on the straight, particularly since the last two races, has become exponential. And that, of course, worries us, Horner admitted yesterday.

At least, overtaking in Losail, with only one DRS zone, will be much more difficult for Hamilton than in Sao Paulo. Sharp desert night temperature swings and Qatari double pianos, which cause severe damage to both the flat bottom and the front wing of the cars, look like they are crucial for tomorrow’s race.

The creation of Thomas

Neither Mercedes nor Red Bull, at this point, seem willing to give a pice in this all-out fight, where the Silver Arrows have achieved, almost by magic, fabulous performance in the new Hamilton engine. Hywel thomas, the man who had relieved the legendary Andy cowell at the head of the engine department in Brixworth, he has been the brain of this update, whose earnings, according to some authorized voices, are around 15 hp.

So that no one can rule out, by the end of the year, yet another evolution in this regard. And it is that the penalties of five places on the grid, as was clear last Sunday. are more than acceptable for Hamilton. And that power in his right pedal, alone, can give him his eighth world title on December 12 in Abu Dhabi.

Reference from elmundo