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F1: Leclerc is showcased in Melbourne on a disastrous Sunday for Sainz and Alonso

F1: Leclerc is showcased in Melbourne on a disastrous Sunday for Sainz and Alonso

Monegasque’s victory, ahead of Prez and Russell, coincided with Verstappen’s retirement due to the breakdown.

Leclerc, with the SF-75, leads the race in Melbourne.AFP

Red Bull’s weakness was added to Ferrari’s supremacy and Charles Leclerc This start of the World Cup in Melbourne delivered another blow of authority. When, with 19 laps to go, a breakdown knocked Max Verstappen, Monegasque already dominated with absolute tenacity and was thus able to get it up to the checkered flag. as if that weren’t enough, abandon carlos sanzo further strengthened Leclerc’s position in the first round, which was not needed sergio prezzi You George Russell, his partner on the podium. A perfect weekend for the championship leader, with PoleThe win and the tip of the fastest lap (1:20.260).

No one bothered Leclerc as he walked through Albert Park, where he won with just 20 seconds despite two neutralizations. safety car, Although considerable, this advantage by itself is not enough to explain the dominance of the World Cup leader. He did everything well, blocking any attempts from Verstappen, shattering the forecasts that gave Red Bull the favorite in the long run, with clairvoyance counting down every detail. as in the golden days Lewis HamiltonFourth at the finish line, however, saw no chance of upsetting his fellow teammate’s second podium at Mercedes.

either Fernando Alonso He was able to snatch that final bonus point to Leclerc and his second pit stop ended up slipping him to seventeenth. As he announced, the Spaniard bet all or nothing, white or black, although race conditions again turned their back on him. His pace was not as explosive as expected in the Alpine and doubts about the right time to change the tyres were of no use. This middle complex subsequently suffered a marked decline and lance walk significantly slowed his progress, so the two-time champion crossed the finish line in last place.

configuration error

An unfortunate combination of factors ruined the race for Sainz, who came out on the grid with a configuration error on his steering wheel. Ferrari had chosen the hardest tyre, trying to play against it, but this choice would make their position extremely difficult against more agile cars with a softer compound. As if that weren’t enough, the clutch did not respond immediately, at which point the light went off and just two laps later, the Madrid driver was down to fourteenth. when he wanted to get rid of mike schumacherHe ended up on the grass, which made him spat on the gravel mercilessly. And there was no way to ditch the car. His first retirement with Ferrari is the most brutal way to end a streak of 17 consecutive races in points.

Leclerc was then sailing at an impossible pace for Verstappen, who complained Cereal on the left front tire. On lap 18, when he was losing nine seconds to the leader, he changed his tyres. Leclerc scored four more laps before mounting the hard tyre, with his great rival completing the time table. Hamilton was able to defeat Perez there, thanks to overcutHowever the really important thing in that section was the crash of Sebastian Vettel, which gave way to another safety car pm

This moment could have favored Alonso, who, prolonging the useful life of his tyres, always thought a little ahead. To his error-free navigation he added a nice overtaking of Pierre Gasly, so that the privileged position began to be closer to his reach. So when the opportunity came to take advantage of the safety car, at Alpine they decided to leave it on the track before it would actually have done him a favor. The idea seems to be a reaction to the all-or-nothing strategy that Fernando himself put forward yesterday.

The apparent superiority of the SF-75 was periodically transferred to the time table. As much as Verstappen tried, running in 1:21.2, Leclerc returned each blow with total self-confidence. With 19 laps to go in front of the checkered flag, a cloud of smoke over the RB18 brought disappointment to Dutch fans. The second abandonment in three races for the current champion, who ordered the stewards to douse the flames in their vehicle.

Perez asked his track engineer, after having overtaken Russell on the track and was logically concerned with what had happened. “Don’t worry about Max, because it’s not relevant to us,” I replied. hugh bird, Without any option to recover 13 seconds against the leader, the Mexican will have enough to maintain his position against Mercedes’ push. If Red Bull doesn’t find a solution to these reliability problems soon, Leclerc will drill even more holes in the way to the title. Within two weeks, thousands tifosi Flags are already being prepared to be enjoyed live in Imola.

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