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F1: How long will Hamilton’s head be somewhere else?: “Some maintain confusion and others change the scale of their values”

The seven-time champion, at his worst with Mercedes, indulges himself in his solidarity campaigns. “You probably haven’t seen this level of competition in the last few years,” says one paddock psychologist.

Hamilton, with Angela Cullen, in the Mercedes box on Friday.AP

Priorities have changed radically Lewis Hamilton In just one year, that separated her infamous incident at Silverstone Max Verstappen of the new and harsh reality. Rejected in the fight for the World Cup, at times with the car unable to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari, the fight against the Mercedes leader has not even taken place. George Russell, your garage mate. After seven titles, 101 wins and 103 pole positions, Hamilton seems to be more aware of other matters. Farther and farther from what is happening on the track, something seems to be wrong in his head.

“There are pilots who constantly seek challenges, but others, because of certain circumstances, be it a personal problem or because they have seen danger more closely, end up losing hope and completely changing the scale of their values. change from,” an expert tells EL Mundo in sports psychology, in recognized reputation paddock, That seems to be the case of Hamilton, who today aspires only to a feat that should be considered modest on a record like his. A win in the remaining 13 races would extend his staggering record to 16 for consecutive seasons with at least one win.

This weekend, Hamilton’s routine at Silverstone looked as good as ever. Through the Whimsical Parade pit lanein the company of your dog Roscoe, added a gentle ovation dedicated to the grandstand during the incongruous pause of the mass swim on Friday afternoon and the first free practice yesterday. However, Hamilton seemed absorbed in other concerns. And not precisely because, after nine races, Russell dominated qualifying 5-4 and 7-2 on Sunday.

600,000 euros in aid

Starting Thursday, Sir Lewis is eyeing the €600,000 he will donate to Motorsport UK, a program to promote female participation in motorsport and to over-represent low-income and minority ethnic groups. A money that will also affect scholarships for African-American students at the Royal Academy of Engineering. And his sentiment was rekindled by the consensus of his colleagues on the grid, who backed him on Thursday after unfortunate comments. Nelson Pickett, “The most important thing for us drivers was to show our support for Lewis. We have responded much better than in previous incidents, although it is probably not enough,” he commented, without going further, Fernando Alonso,

At this point, it seems clear that the crusade against racism launched by Hamilton two years ago is still more relevant than ever. However, at Mercedes he should not be satisfied with the wide sleeves he always gave to his leader. “He needs to take his mind off racing and we’ve learned that by giving him the freedom we can get a better performance on the track,” she confessed at the time. Toto Wolf, leader of the Silver Arrows. If it’s any indication, Hamilton was always very reluctant to work seri evans, the renowned all-black psychologist was hired by Mercedes in 2014. “I don’t like the idea of ​​trying to play a game with someone’s mind, because I’m strong and I feel capable of myself. I’ve been like that all my life,” he said a little bit a year ago.

“Associate Help With Weakness”

«That initial disapproval didn’t surprise me, as I know other cases of some well-known cases. Highly talented pilots, especially when they are still young, often associate psychological support with weakness. However, maturity affects them and they are aware that they need additional mental, as well as a level of food or physical preparation, “adds the therapist contacted by this newspaper. “Obviously, I don’t elaborate. knows what happens in Hamilton’s inner circle, but perhaps in recent seasons he was not subject to the current level of competition,” he insists of the seven-time champion, who has already turned 37.

Of course, for five seasons Valtteri Bottas It never seemed to push him over the edge. And only in 2021, Verstappen had a car capable of calling into question the mechanical superiority of Mercedes. Following the aforementioned Cops incident 12 months earlier, Hamilton flew to his eighth victory at Silverstone, while mad Max Furious with anger in the hospital, as always, the future champion did not even turn to a professional. “More in the game above This is where there is more privacy. And the way the tarpaulin is put up in F1 so that the car is not visible, our work is usually covered. But I assure you that there is much more behind what they see,” he concluded.

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